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Server Outage Information - Discussion Thread



  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 1,424 ★★★★
    Pat on the back for the moderators having to be civil to the user base when they themselves are most likely getting annoyed glares from the game team.
    Also, for perspective, consider that based on the TOS, if MCOC were to go dark today, no one gets anything. It'll happen some day for sure, but till then, it's been a fun-ish game to play when working.
  • @Darkstar4387
    Good luck with any compensation
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,968 ★★★★

    Yeah well I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.
  • Kabam, how do you expect us to play MCoC when your server is so unstable?
    every network connection problem in the middle of the fight costs players items. for AQ it is a lvl4 healing pot every time.
  • JoeVodkaJoeVodka Posts: 14
    I’m outraged with these outages.
    Further more I’ve ranked all these **** defenders for diversity and am stuck with wasted resources that could of gone to bettering my roster for new content.
    Rank down tickets should be part of the compensation.
    1x 5* rank down ticket
    5x 4* rank down ticket
    I feel this a generous adequate response to being jerked around the aw system like a beta.
  • HI GUYS ,,, still maintainance? how many more minutes should we wai? =)

    I wish I had an answer to that. We're actively working to get this outage fixed, but aren't really able to provide an estimate just yet.
  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 764 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    So, I read in the official responses that the issue is with the company that they hire to run their servers. At this rate, hire North Korea a they have a better succes rate with nukes than whomever you hired to run the servers.
  • Seriously!!! Problem might just happen. It's understandable. But shut the whole game and fix it... why keep running? Was playing the whole day connect disconnect like this but just now was on aq boss takedown and the rest is history...... 😒
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    MikeyP13 wrote: »
    Good luck with any compensation

    Lol I know that we probably aren't going to get anything from them nor do I expect to but it would be nice but we'll see I'd rather get a working game then maybe something in the form of conpansation but that would help out with appeasing many people and make up for all the downtime
  • devsworlddevsworld Posts: 12
    we are missing our 8 hours event also...
    t2 alphas which mean alot for player who need it...
    kindly take that in considerstion too
  • DrewskiDrewski Posts: 27
    I worked from 6 to 6 est yesterday and it went down for emergency maintenance 4 or 5 times in that small window....woke up......3:45 pm....still having isssues. I will be happy when this is over. I agree compensation is warranted. BIG time.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 442
    This rolling server outages is not really fair to a player like myself who was trying to do the Featured 3 star arena with opening all my arena boosts to help get more points to go after Taskmaster and I can't fight nor can my alliance continue on with Map 5 and we just wasted all our treasury resources to do map 5 with no ability to do that with these rolling outages. a lot of us have Jobs and lives outside this game and have very limited time to give to this game and this is how we as players are rewarded? I feel this is entirely unfair and the community that has helped build this game up and made it so incredibly successful deserve better. Thank you for listening.
  • LegenLegen Posts: 11
    What are servers???
  • JoeVodkaJoeVodka Posts: 14
    edited December 2017
    Just a thought maybe consider officially shutting the game down until the problem is fixed so we can love our lives properly instead of airing around refreshing and hoping and losing champs in aq.
  • LordBaldyBaldLordBaldyBald Posts: 265
    Hey Kabam Mike, there also seem to be a lot of connectivity issues. Do you have any update as to why that may be?
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    edited December 2017
    Ok ok everyone is mad right at these server maintenances, well it is anniversary month sooo how about giving us another shot at the 1 dollar crystal one more time. The hate will die down a lot I am sure of it.
  • Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    Sounds like a hack job.

    Definitely not a hack job, this is entirely due to server stability issues. Still not good at all, though!

    Is this related to the GCN issue happening now?
  • AJ_Engel30AJ_Engel30 Posts: 159
    Everyone needs to Relax. Does this suck? Absolutely! Kabam has told us they are aware, they care, they understand what we are missing out on, and are working to fix this. What else can they do right now?
  • Man this is too much time that is being taken away from gamers and the loss of health while fighting not being redeemed should be of concern, come on now get it right this is a huge game going for three years and this is the first time there have been so many interruptions so frequently.
  • botonox03botonox03 Posts: 29
    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    We're seeing a lot of questions so far about compensation, currently running events, and these are all valid concerns. One thing from our announcement post that I do need to re-emphasize is that we don't have specific details on any of this yet, but the team is actively discussing ALL of it.

    Our first focus is to resolve the issues and assess the full impact - an assessment we won't be able to do until things are stable again. But once they are, that is where our attention must turn to. We understand the frustration and appreciate the patience you're all affording us as we work to sort it all out. We'll continue to update you when more info becomes available.

    Hi Ad0ra_! I'm hoping that one of the issues that will be taken into account were those who attempted to go for a Legends run yesterday evening and began to experience problems WHEN THE GAME STARTED TO LAG CONSISTENTLY, not just when the game crashed repeatedly. I had sent both you and @Kabam Miike a DM regarding my issue with this (knowing how to calculate not just when the servers go down, but how you will accommodate the lag issues, expiring boosts (which were purchased through bundles and whatnot), and overall units spent on new boosts to make up for those that expired.

    I know @Kabam Miike mentioned that it server downtime is taken into account, but the issue began to manifest with the lagging and THEN eventual crash. I am hoping that you can inform me of how this will all be accounted for and factored in to control for the factors creating lost time when making the decisions on the matter.

    If the very least, please just respond to my DM. That would at least let me know you have understood what I am trying to explain in regards to my issue with the crashing/lagging/etc. Thank you both for all you do.
  • Thank you, @Kabam Miike ,could you possibly send out a Game notification when the game is up and running properly?
  • wywhlylwywhlyl Posts: 18
    So I've recently started up a brand new alliance aimed specifically at players new to the game and helping them to play it with an emphasis on AQs and AWs. The outages over the last 24+ hours aren't exactly conducive to this and will almist certainly result in some (if not many) of my new team leaving the game and not coming back.
    In light of what's recently happened with Gazillion and the Marvel Heroes Omega game you guess at Kabam really should be making more of an effort
  • DrewskiDrewski Posts: 27
    I have been awake 10 minutes and its been down twice.
  • BadroseBadrose Posts: 779 ★★★
    All you have to do is guarantee full rewards of every single available events from yesterday to the day you will resolve your issues. It's impossible to play everything!
  • MisterNiceGuyMisterNiceGuy Posts: 184
    Consider it a risk to play. The game just went out on me as I was doing the hardest lab quest. I Took a risk after they said the game would be intermittent and decided to play and that's the way it goes.

    If you don't want to take the risk and be screwed then don't play until the game is fixed to your satisfaction.
  • JeepettiJeepetti Posts: 79
    I'm sure I speak for others when I say I won't pay another dime for anything until the game actually functions. What good is a crystal if you can't use it!
  • whats fair is fair and i would have my star lord if kabam got their fingers out their bums but that will never happen we will get some joke of an apology and a joke of a compensation all i want is my star lord im not asking for rank down tickets like everyone else
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