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    djr17 said:

    djr17 said:

    zeezee57 said:

    I'll just do completion and pretend this content doesn't exist. Four 6* of a single class to do the path? So basically buy hundreds and hundreds of Cav crystals and pray. After about 60 or so I've yet to pull a single 6* and only two good/great 5*, and overall I have a very nice top to my roster. Judging by the looks I'll have put this game down entirely before I have the roster to meet these requirements, well played Kabam, well played.

    The 6* gate is just quantity, not class specific. At least not yet.
    Have you not read the patch notes each quest is class restricted by 3 i think so you cant take any class you want lmao

    Except 6* those dont have restriction
    I did, and that just makes your comment even more confusing.
    621.623.625 are 5* Mutant.Cosmic.Tech with a 6* while 622.624.626 are 5* Skill.Science.Mystic with 6* or more depending on the quest

    Still dont see the class restrictions
    You are pretty confused. He was correcting the person he quoted since they said the 6* gates were class restricted as well, which they aren't. There are 6 gated paths and one is a 6* gate where you have to have certain number of 6*'s but doesn't matter the class.

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    These requirements kills the legend run hopes of a lot of skilled players simply because they don’t have the champs to meet the requirements even though they have the skill way to go kabam
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    At least we can do completion without having to use the garbage 6* that the vast majority of people have.
    I mean what can I do with cable, cap ww2, Loki, BB and phoenix in act 6?
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    DrZola said:

    I can absolutely get more 5/6* shards than I could in 2016 ;)

    Therefore 100% truthful, if you look at it as just another frame rate adjustment.

    Dr. Zola

    4 hour cavalier crystals can give a whopping 200 6* shards, and cavalier crystals have a 10% probability to pull 6* champions. These truths are facts, saying free to play or low spending players who have bad luck with RNG 6* pulls will struggle with Act 6.2's 5* restriction gates is an opinion.
    1% to get a 6 star
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    @DalBot @Gamer Thanks for catching that. Collaboration over all or nothing FTW
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    Kabam killing most synergy teams by forcing 4 of a certain class to pass the gate
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    I'm going on my 3rd rank 5 5star and my 7th 6star and am very ready to quit this game. Take the rewards from AQ and War and place them elsewhere so i don't feel pressured to be in an alliance and can run solo. I honestly hate being in alliances and it sucks that we are forced into it if we want decent rewards.
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    Oh boy... I can't wait to meet the gates that require 6* champs. I have a feeling my 7 crappy 6* champs aren't going to cut it.
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    It's really not about making it last longer, although it may take some longer to get there. It's a progress gate. The point is to make it accesible to people who have reached a certain level of progress. For some, they've reached it. For others, they'll have to work towards it.

    Progress in a game should not be tied to spending. We all know it's a pay2win game for many modes like AW and AQ. Those with the money to buy/gamble for the highest level rarity of the newest champs and buy the offers to rank up and max sig the highest prestige champs will score the highest points in AQ, and the community has accepted this for the most part. No big deal. However, rarity restrictions in act 6 only hinders players who can not buy massive amounts of FGMC/cavalier crystals (FCC?) They should make more challenges like the Infinity War/Endgame Thanos for challenging content in Act 6.

    Also bad luck should not be a factor in a progress gate. The lane where 4 6star champs required is gonna be ridiculous for players who have not pulled the right 6 star champ that can counter whatever fights are on that lane.
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    Will the class restriction affect 6 stars in the future? @Kabam Miike
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    I'm over it.
    Kabam straight up sucked the fun out of it for me.
    I honestly hoped that they'd cave and remove the block on anything under 5*.
    I absolutely loved taking 3* teams into act 5 and pushing hard to see what I could achieve! Truly testing my ability to survive. It was my choice, my risk, and most of the time it was my thumbs that suffered the most😅
    It was fun.. and fun is the only reason I play this game.

    I have no problem meeting every one of those gate requirements listed with my roster.. but not with champions I enjoy using at all. Champions that are boring to use sit the bench for a reason - They aren't fun. At all. For me, having a roster for act 6 has nothing to do with "progression". At the rate that I pull bench warmers and defense only champions, I'll be here another 3.5 years before I have an offensively playable 6* roster.

    I'm not mad about their decision to be fun suckers.. It is their game, and they make the rules.
    Just disappointed that I can't run their act 6 content with my 3*'s for the memes.. and for all those that want to reply to say it'd be impossible, I say to you - you're ONLY right because Kabam makes gates instead of fun. 😋

    Too all those that agree that Kabam is only restricting lower tier champions to "prevent frustration among Summoner's that will probably find it too difficult for them".. Stop drinking the koolaid!
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    Its time to buff rewards from arena not only 200/100 shards 6☆ and time to bring arena with basic 5☆ hero
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