Upcoming Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw Balance Changes



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    IKON said:

    If i had a nickel for every time this community overreacted, I'd be richer than Bezos.

    This is definitely true. I wont say I'm not concerned but I'm not gonna get worked up until I see what's been changed and what options or "compensation" those with Cull are given.
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    This is so easy just make a program for how ever long for testers who can rank and play and collect the data on the champ, make adjustments and then release the champ. If they do it this way the community can stay calm and enjoy the champ the way it was released.

    What’s so hard about this?
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    IDoge said:

    Zuro said:

    I wouldn't even say Cull outdamages all champs I say he comes head to head with the top champs

    Go ahead, compare damage numbers if you're so sure.
    What I'm saying is this Considering how long his ramp is and how trash all his other aspects are it makes sense how high is damage is champs like Namor if you can build to 4 fries can perform similar numbers or even nick if you add up the bleed damage, and proxima can deal serious damage as well like Cull is the definition of "Impractical but Fun"
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    Wow crazy how this was all predicted in the original announcement. I'll try to reserve judgment until the changes actually come out but if it goes as expected I'd say this will be the beginning of the end. What keeps the game going strong all these years? People spending loads of cash on new champ crystals and rank resource deals. Who's going to keep doing that after the last 2, 3, 4, 5 OP champs they've paid thousands to acquire and rank are no long the champs they paid to acquire and rank up?

    The gravy train will keep rolling after Cull, after all the truth is he's not one of the most used champs around. But when it's Namor next, then Sunspot, then Claire Voyant those numbers are going to plummet. It's just not going to work when nobody has confidence that what they're paying for is what they'll get, just like many of us said in the original thread. I hope I'm wrong, I really do because I love the game, I love the community and the ally I play with, mcoc is a downright fantastic pass time, and this is a surefire way to kill it off.
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    It’s not developers have no clue, it’s they don’t see how these champs will interact with new content until they are released. I honestly think this 3 month period should happen in beta form like when buffs are applied to old champs.

    They should not release a champ and have people rank and spend then make the changes.
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    IDoge said:

    Zuro said:

    Zuro said:

    Zuro said:

    As someone who also spent to get Namor, Stelthy and Claire in addition to Cull I'm very worried that all that was just for a few months before they're nerfed.

    Yeah but they've told you that there'd be rebalancing right? It's on you as to whether you choose to spend the money going forward?

    Also don't forget that the good news is champs that aren't up to par like Ebony Maw are going to get a buff as well - so you do get that assurance on the other side of the spectrum.

    How can they be more transparent than that?
    What you said makes no sense @RagamugginGunner saI'd he spent for champs like Namor and they never announcedid these rebalances until after he came out so how is that fair in any way
    I said "going forward".
    Still doesn't change the fact that @RagamugginGunner paid for Namor expecting him to work as portrayed but now there is a chance he is gonna get nerfed so where is the transparency there
    There'll always be certain champs that fall through the cracks with these things, but the good news is that going forward rebalancing is good for the game overall.
    Yeah rebalances are nice if it's actually needed like why does Cull need he has no utility no health and no block proficiency all he has is damage and they are gonna nerf the only thing he is good at for what reason and not even that he has his fair share of counters to like limber,masochism, fisticuffs, etc.
    The thing is, without his counters, he simply outputed way too much damage. 50k mediums, 200k sp2s, and 400k sp3s. There's no stopping him if there are no nodes against his abilities.
    Actually if you want to be technical, there are more things that counter Cull than Corvus/Ghost, especially Ghost.

    Ghost really doesn’t have any counters. Maw? Meh. Safeguard? Maybe.

    Cull? Buffet, masochism, fisticuffs, tranquility, limited immunity, (stun) immunity, limber, mighty charge, KP, AV, CB, Rogue and I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff I can’t even think of off the cuff.

    So who really needs the adjustment?
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    It's not possible to test for everything in Beta. Not unless that Beta has every working, moving part of the game.
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    I think this will have a negative impact on their bottom line. Crystal spending on newly released champs or spending hours in arena makes no sense anymore because they are likely to be adjusted within a few months. Time will tell of course
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    they should decrease dmg by 10% and increase block prof by 10%
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    Mixalis said:

    Mixalis said:

    Harry_hzy said:

    Kabam is telling all the players:don't spend any money to this game. Whatever the money you spent, even you spent thousands dollars to get the champion you think who is beyond god tier champion, they can change it to trash if they want. I also think what they are doing is breach the agreement between customer and seller. Can you imaging when you bought a fast car, when you come to do service, the dealer tell you they think the car is too fast, they decide to change it to slower?

    There is no breach of agreement. One thing people generally fall short on is reading the TOS. You're not buying anything of proprietary value. The game, your Account, and the contents within are property of Kabam. We lease permission to use their product, and they reserve the right to modify it in cases where it's necessary for the game overall. If the game was to fold today, none of us would be able to cash out on our Accounts. It's In-Game Purchases. Not Shares in the company, and not a tangible purchase we can claim ownership for.
    You're wrong. When they announced She-Hulk's nerf days before the update, they already broke their tos. Read what I said to DNA3000
    They broke their TOS? Care to run that theory by me?
    One of the most common unenforceable terms is the unilateral amendment provision, which gives a company the right to change its agreement however it wants, whenever it wants, with or without notifying its customers. Courts have repeatedly found this term unenforceable. Look at companies lost because of this. I work at a large tech company and know a thing or two regarding tos, but like I already mentioned before, I'm not one that likes to sue and never will.
    NOTHING has been changed about the TOS concerning this. It's literally been the same for years. They revised it recently and that had nothing to do with reserving the right to modify their product. I'm quite aware. I've been pointing the thing out to people for years. Lol. While I respect the right to spend or not spend, there's no accounting for people who don't take the time to understand what they're spending on. The game even reminds them to familiarize themselves with it.
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    The problem is kabam created him, fashioned his abilities, and put the numbers in before ever putting it up for purchasing. They knew the amount of damage he could do before we even knew he was coming to the contest. So I have a hard time believing them about having to wait for spreadsheets, and greatly reduces an already diminishing credibility.

    The reason everyone is up in arms is because of the amount of time and money spent to them turn around and have to wait for 3 MONTHS to find out if it was wasted.

    They have made my decisions easier on whether to spend any more money or not, simply due to always being a lingering question of any champs viability in the future.

    They even made 2 dimensional beings this month, and did not label them as such (we don’t have to go back into the weak opposing arguments).
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    IDoge said:

    Zuro said:

    IDoge said:

    Zuro said:

    IDoge said:

    Zuro said:

    I wouldn't even say Cull outdamages all champs I say he comes head to head with the top champs

    Go ahead, compare damage numbers if you're so sure.
    What I'm saying is this Considering how long his ramp is and how trash all his other aspects are it makes sense how high is damage is champs like Namor if you can build to 4 fries can perform similar numbers or even nick if you add up the bleed damage, and proxima can deal serious damage as well like Cull is the definition of "Impractical but Fun"
    So based on your logic hyperion is impractical because the only utility he has is his poison immunity or weak heal?
    What are you even saying anymore
    Oh you want to know what I'm saying now? Okay. If you want to complain about one champ I'm gonna bring up a similar champ that is commonly used and widely regarded as a practical champ. Cull obsidian relies on parry and heavy attacks. Well guess who does that too? That's right... Hyperion. Guess who also has below average block proficiency. See where I'm going here? I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of the forum community that always gives Kabam the finger whenever they don't get what they want.
    Yeah but the last time I checked hyperion has tons of utility while Cull has none at all so your point is invalid and plus Cull is way more of a noodle health wise than hype anyways
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    Hopefully, Cull's nerf will be akin to Starlord's. Maybe just a cap on the number of armor breaks he can inflict. Not enough to gimp his attack entirely but still enough to put him in line with the highest hitters.
    Still think it's unnecessary though. All he has is attack, much like Starlord.
    My biggest problem though is that this ISN'T about balance. There's now way Kabam can claim Cull & Maw's impending adjustments are "balance" motivated and then brush off Ronin like he's the perfect champ.
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    A Kabam, como sempre fazendo os jogadores gastar pra pegar o campeão, ai vem com esse papo furado de que o campeão esta muito over power. Besta de quem ainda gasta pra pegar Heróis, pois essa estratégia dela ja ta conhecida, ela adiciona o campeão muito forte pra todos gastarem tentando pegar ele, ai quando ela lucra, nerfa o campeão. Kabam mal caráter... Isso deveria ser dado como roubo e enganação dos jogadores!
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    hope Diablo follows up after Maw
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    @IDoge Hyperion advantage over Cull Regen, Incinerate and Stun
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    Perfect timing after the level up event of yesterday… Thank you!

    MCOC Team said:


    The next two Champions to get the rebalance treatment will be Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw. These balance updates will be limited to the tuning and balancing of a Champion's existing kit, abilities won’t be added or removed.


    We’ve taken a look at Ronin’s performance and are happy with his both his performance and his abilities. We will not be making any balance changes to Ronin at this time.

    Cull Obsidian:

    After looking at our data across all the game modes we have determined that Cull Obsidian is out damaging every other high-damage Champion in the game. While he does have his limiting factors, once he's fully ramped up he is able to end fights before even high-level Opponents can do any meaningful damage to him.

    The goal of Cull’s rebalance is to make tuning changes that keeps Cull Obsidian as one of the top damage dealers in-game.

    Ebony Maw:

    You said it and we saw it in the data. Although Ebony Maw is a decent Defender, he is underperforming as an Attacker (the designer said something about his Degeneration DPS being just sad and wrong).

    We are looking to boost both his defensive and offensive potential, but with an emphasis on offense.

    Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw’s balance changes should be live in approximately 3 months.

    What!? But cull is not that powerfull Like others.... ghost.... captain marvel (new)..... hey not nerf these others too? I just take him to Rank 5.... and now all my effort and resources un vain....
  • DrZola said:

    DNA3000 said:

    Dizzy said:

    at this point in the game, when they are in the basic, we should be able to safely decide that we are / are not going to invest resources in specific champions.

    It seems silly, but I'm starting to think that Kabam needs to provide a warning every time a player buys an offer, exchanges for a crystal, awakens or ranks a champion, or spends any money or currency on anything, that the game is subject to change at any time for balance, implementation, or any other reason, and the player should not take any action predicated on the assumption that the game won't change, because it will.

    Because there is no safe time to invest in resources. You are required to agree there is no safe time to invest resources. If you do not agree, and believe the players deserve to have a guarantee of safe periods to invest resources, you're legally not allowed to play the game.

    If this is something you feel you need, that's fine. Everyone needs different things from their entertainment. You shouldn't feel compelled to change your mind. But the EULA for the game you play requires you to agree. The EULA cannot force you to agree. But it prohibits you from playing the game if you don't agree.
    Or here’s a novel idea: test your stuff before you sell it. Play your own game. And if even moderately testing content is too onerous, then provide a liberal return/refund policy and stop treating the community with condescension.

    Dr. Zola
    You say "or" as if this contradicts what I said. It does not. I'm not saying there isn't lots of room for improvement, but the absolute best game development team with the absolute best respec policy a game can sustain is still not going to provide the poster I was replying to with "safety." There will still be the possibility of future game balance changes that won't be compensated for, because there's no way to prevent completely future balancing changes, and there's no way to completely allow do-overs for every little change in a sustainable way. I don't think most players even understand what the real danger of RDTs even is in this game, even when used sparingly, much less making it the go-to answer for all future game changes.

    You can do everything you're mentioning, and still not be safe. Safe from game changes is impossible. And I'm willing to be proven wrong, if someone can find a game that adheres to your two principles of test so mistakes never happen and games never need balancing, and/or compensate for every change to the extent players demand in all cases.

    At the end of the day, if you think safety is possible, I doubt I could convince you otherwise. However, absent a very persuasive argument, at the end of the day I believe we doom any attempt to improve matters when we make the ultimate goal an impossible task.
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