**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.


  • You sound like you’re looking for our alliance, Awakened Fighters. We’re very laid back. Drama is not welcome, and we expect that life comes first. Most our members have been with us for years. Some, like myself, are at 8+. AW is our only mandatory expectation. All we ask is you keep a defence posted, and finish a minimum…
    in Semi retired Comment by LexSavi April 18
  • Pretty sure it’s power index.
  • I tried many, many, many times for years without success until getting the title last month. My pro tip? Turn off the opt in Beta features. Shaved over 30 minutes off the times I was doing in my failed attempts. Also, make sure to turn on the skip dialogue option. You’ll still get dialogue on the first run through, but…
  • Pretty sure this is how it’s intended to work. You can buy 7* loyalty crystals using loyalty, but not 7* crystal shards, which require tokens.
  • Trusty old Nick Fury for me. Not hard to keep 5+ charges up the whole fight.
  • Very glad I finally managed it this time around. I think this month’s will be super competitive considering it will be the last time to get it this way.
  • Awakened Fighters may be right for you. If you’re looking for a laid back, no drama, and no pressure alliance, we got you covered. Super chill alliance. No line required. Only mandatory aspect is to keep an AW defence set, and clear 4 fights per war. That’s it. We are currently Gold 4. We run maps 5/5/4. At least 1 BG for…
    in New alliance Comment by LexSavi April 4
  • Don’t forget that they also said there would be 4 paths. Kind of unfriendly to players to add 2 additional paths, and fail to mention that they are dead ends (i.e. no rewards for,following them)
  • Another option is to duel Lavu666. It’s a 1* Hulk. If you use a 1* mutant and finish him with a Sp. 3, it counts for keys, Pawns Go First, and Regicide.
  • I tired messaging support as well. Except, I keep getting a message that it has not been submitted, and that I need to reply to an email in order to do so. The emails never come though… SMH.
  • Lavu666 - 1* Hulk, so you can get the 1* objective points too.
  • I’m concerned about this as well. The post outlining the event said 4 paths per map. Now there are 6? Meaning, even if you stick to a single threat level you’ll miss out on rewards? I just went by side, thinking I needed exploration. If this is meant to be a maze where taking the wrong path means you’re SOL that’s not…
  • I missed that one, and wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  • I don’t mean to complain, but all of you are complaining about complaining.
  • Venom is my Fantman counter in BGs. He absolutely destroys that fight.
  • I would appreciate a way to make Raid assignments to prevent random people joining. I booted a guy from the alliance for doing the exact same thing that happened to OP. This was after me posting daily for 5 days telling people not to join that BG unless assigned, and that anyone who did would be kicked. He joined, did one…
  • I think this one is a genuine bug. My experience was that Korg sometimes went into turtle mode right after he was rooted and wouldn’t start fighting again on his own. Hit into his block once and he snaps out of it.
  • Remember that time you hit “agree” for the terms of service? That was you acknowledging that you were warned.
  • I have to hard disagree on this one. I’m not especially skilled, but I didn’t have much issue with Bahamut. Yes, you need to do certain things to do damage, but they aren’t particularly hard in that fight. Is it challenging? Yup, but that’s the point. Part of what you’re describing sounds like a skill issue. The second…
  • I think this is exactly what happened, considering we dropped a tier. Close to 8 years of AW and I did not know this. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated!
  • I think you forgot to add the /s. If not…maybe you need to learn to play her? She’s almost always an auto-win for me in BGs. Choose your own immunity + choose your DOT type + (arguably) the best and most consistent healing in the game + power control + nullify + non-contact hits + her burst damage slaps hard. Incredibly…
  • I think prioritizing 7* over 6* is the best long term strategy. That being said, I’m planning to R5 certain specialty/utility champs, because they’ll be better at what they do than a general 7*. My next R5 is going to be Nimrod, without any hesitation. He’s pretty much guaranteed to be relevant in content for a long time…
  • Honestly, this post is gross. Rushing to put out info like this before it’s reliably confirmed is irresponsible and tasteless. I hope OP is wrong, and hope OP realizes they’re wrong for posting this.
  • He’s a beast. I missed his buff when I was taking a pause from the game. Pulled him as a 7* recently, and tried him out. He’s been steamrolling a lot of content for me. Pulling him is definitely a win.
  • I get where you’re coming from, and Kabam definitely needs some better QC, but I don’t think compensation makes sense here. Her damage reduction ability says 40%, but has been operating at 90%. You ranked her when her description said 40%, and even though she functioned differently, they’re only adjusting her so as to…
  • I also have tons of champs sitting around not getting used. Except when I dupe them, which is a major source of shards, especially when you start hitting max sig on champs. Selling champs was always short sighted and the worst option compared to building up a roster. One of the decisions Kabam has made that is completely…
  • Going to go out on a limb here and assume that encouraging any form of cheating is against forum rules. Not to mention that the one of the only things everyone tends to agree on in this forum is their universal disdain for cheaters, and for good reason. I hope you just made a bad joke, but either way, do better.
  • Nick Fury. The champ that keeps on giving. Oh, you bleed? You dead. Wait, Nick died? Here’s a second life on steroids so he can rag doll your opponents. What, Nick died again? Here’s a 10% damage boost to the other heroes on your team.