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  • Arenas have never been my thing but this format is terrible. You are cutting out the lower end accounts and driving your player base to waste endless hours in this content. I think and easy solution is bring back the old arenas add a final milestone in each for the champ. If you want the 6 star champ go drop 125 million.…
  • Has this nerf entered the black hole that is kabam support? 1500 units to open a useless mastery that actually causes more issues in war than it worth. Any player that opened said mastery for this quest should have it reveresed and be returned the units spent on it
  • So awesome to call that out, we can move on now.
  • Time is money, in order to get these rewards you have to spend time. Hence they aren't free!
  • Sorry to say, a month of nightmare gaming and missing arenas is only worth 1000 shards. Forget that the level 6 guy gets the same thing. Just be happy you have been giving a chance to earn your compensation by login in daily to a game that will most likely be in emergency maintenance and cooking pop corn while you try to…
  • This is the compensation for a month of hell playing this game? A week of something you do every year. This is just ridiculous that you feel this is adequate in making up for this past month. Do you feel like forcing players to play for a week is fair when the game isn't even working right?
  • May have been answered but will these have the same silly time limit as the first time?
  • They still have devices heating up, and a major frame rate problem. Can't compensate for something that isn't fixed. To expect compensation, then complain that things aren't fixed wil only lead to more people wanting compensation in two months, when the game is still acting like a heat pad.
  • Honestly, dungeons weren't that bad the first time around, as long as you had a partner you could count on. OUr alliance paired up and everyone had schedule a time that worked for each other and would just get on run 5 rooms in dungeon 6 and be done. literally 30 minutes. I will say I hate the fact that they use dungeons…
  • Will the crystals stay the same for all three events? And will you only be allowed to buy each crystal one time? There was a lot of confusion the first set. Im under the assumption that i can save all my artifacts till the third event and purchase 4 5* crystals assuming I max out on collecting them is this correct?
  • Sorry, but even without synergies Blade is still top level/god tier. To say otherwise is just silly. Now had you said an unduped Blade I could see that argument. But anyone that can regen the way he does and hit like he does at r5 is God tier.
  • I certainly agree in many ways, but I think you misunderstood what I was asking. I’m seriously asking what drives people to keep playing. I’m certainly not as angry as most, annoyed yes but I’m still searching for the why you keep playing. As for everyone that hops on forums to complain there are just as many in this case…
  • These are all great points.
  • Just maybe you shouldn't host your own game, the forum seems more stable.
  • Hell no, they can't even keep their game up and running. Ha a forum app. How about we just let them focus on emergency maintenance.
  • Really, I find that hilarious. You can't tell me there isn't some backend engine running that sees the amount of class iso or cats you have. Just watched Seatins video some 300 crystals and didn't pull a full skill cat. The one he needed for rank up. RNG my rear!
  • It is indeed. If you've been playing for two years, at a competitive level and you think this is some sorta compensation, or even in the same arena, or league or hell even the same sport then you've missed something along the way.
  • Wow, monthly quest is considered compensation? I love these kind of posts, makes me realize there are still new players coming to the game.
  • While not impressive, when I first started playing Colossus was my first 4/40. He was a tank and bleed immune. There is absolutely nothing special about him but it's still a 5*. Took me almost 500 days before I got my first 5*.
  • I feel like the new war isn't as fun as last season. I think the additional buffs while they did cut back on them are only going to lead to more and more. Every season will get less fun to play. I think the thing that really gets me salty is the new smaller season with smaller rewards. Why? Well it basically allows more…
  • If compensation isn’t determined by level they are going to have a lot of turn over from the top and middle level players. I’m just shy of 700k and if I get the same compensation as a 50k player I’m going be ticked. Sorry I missed 4 weeks of grinding that’s a major hit to resource and materials.
  • LOLOLOLOLOL, you have a better shot at being pardon by the Grand Master!
  • New Doug is back
  • The thing I hated about dungeons, was this was a place for them to test new node buffs, and find those that people really hated fighting and would pass on. They took that information and decided to include those buffs in the new war map. Hence node 30. This is just a testing ground for Kabam to find more ways to make the…
  • Depending on how long this goes for, they will have to look long and hard at what they can do to win players back. I feel like they have to offer some sort of Rating based compensation like 12.0 for anyone to take them serious. Most of my alliance can't grind or game for more than 20 minutes without issues. They are all…
  • This is a big problem, alliances are intentionally tanking War rating so they start seasons lower and can move up with relatively easy wins. They will most likely explore 80% to get max exploration rewards and just stop handing you the win. It would be nice to see War rating locked after seasons, so you don't have this…
  • I disagree, sorry but the new nodes are item pits. At least last season you could manage. It still took items and a lot of boosts. They just pushed the envelope to far with this round of updates.
  • Well remember they removed defender kills, because it was demoralizing to players. But I guess making nodes that are meant to absolutely suck every unit and item from you is just good sportsmanship.
  • In my case and most of my alliance our average time in game has gone down to maybe 1-2 hours a day. Where as prior to 19.0 most of my group spent an average of 4-5 hours in game grinding or questing. It has been a huge hit to the group. Not to mention the increased difficulty of war (which is just silly dumb) has many of…