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  • That was on my 2nd account I've had so much luck on this account tbf
  • IGN- spidermonkey902 Would like the 2 ggc This year has been brilliant for my gaming I finally r4 my first 5* after 3 years then 3 months later had my 2nd and after 100% act 4 got my 3rd, I then finally became uncollected I had tried for years in the end I used a r4 starky 4* never felt so good and this week after 2 yrs of…
  • I got very lucky with just 2 crystals my first 2 may I add lol I'm very happy also both were fully formed as well
  • Also if we are using our in game log ins to do this why is it I have to sign in everytime I'm on the website using my email and password in order for that information to work it would have to be saved on the forum server surely?
  • Tbh I just want an answer to my very simple question I've used forums on websites before you have 2 types of servers when logging in one use another social network to log in and the other is when you create the details with the forum sever directly when I came here I was given the social option and sign up option. I signed…
  • How does that work when I signed up to the forums website it asked me to create a user name and password it didn't mention it would be linked via the game also I can't see how it could be when the website is separate to the game can you explain a little more as I'm still confused how you can use vanilla forums and they…
  • Sorry some of the pictures are out of order but that's all the information I have
  • Everytime I use a potion the game crashes in aq its okay because I can wait until the timer runs down and it bounces out the fight however in normal quests there is no timer so I have to force quit the game I'm on ipad running latest os @"Kabam Miike" can you look into this?
  • Hi yes sorry meant to, it's hauwei p30 on andriod 9.1
  • This is happening with my red hulk as well not all fights but a good portion of them I will make a list later when I'm home but its very annoying as I get combo to the face and lose cost me a fair amount of units can it be looked into please
  • Thought it was just me I've had a fair few fights where doesn't matter how much I try I can't parry and other fights with no issues at all I'm on ipad ios 12.1 happens in all game modes worse in aq and aw and all champions
  • I will try and record and upload a video of this happening I'm finding it's only doing it for certain champions or class types
  • That was weeks ago I've been on the forums everyday since it first started I haven't seen any post relating to this issue only thing kabam said was they will look into it and get back to us it's been 3 weeks an update would be nice
  • If anyone needs examples The t1a price hike took only 24hrs the 4* generic offer was 350 units cheaper in January and there has been many more over the recent months.
    dans Really??? Commentaire de Spidermonkey902 juillet 2018
  • What's with the dot brigade?
    dans Really??? Commentaire de Spidermonkey902 juillet 2018
  • Kabam kodos for answering your player base we all feel informed and know what to do in only the biggest f... Up since 12.0 this week has been eye opening I guess the whales keep spending so no need to talk to your player base I mean a simple, we are still investigating, would at least help but we don't even get that
  • All these people complaining and rightfully so yet no one from kabam talking to us exactly the same as the overheating issues discussion just an occasion comment to say we are investigating then nothing it's been 4 days since the last time I've been able to play the game does kabam have any idea how much content can be…
  • Put your phone into battery saver mode that's fixed overheating issues
  • I'm terrible at punctuation when I'm angry it's getting to the point where I'm too close to quitting the game which will be a shame because I love it! Kabam have ruined a game that has so much potential it's really upsetting.
  • Why is it when I see threads like these there are no mods who post or respond, is it in case what they say gets changed later on so no one is saying anything regarding how champs work? maybe kabam need to discuss this with all forum mods because us players deserve our questions answered being as they work for the company…
  • I use Sony Xperia xz premium on andriod 8.0.0 my screen is burning my fingers when playing this game for 3mins it's making it impossible to play do we get compensation for this as unless I want my phone to literally melt I can't play until this is fixed
  • Well considering they said they would be discussing this with the team at the beginning of the week please allow the beginning of the week to happen before you say they have forgotten they have to investigate the full impact before they can consider what compensation will be acceptable that will take longer than a few days
  • I love my vulture so much he became my first r5 4* that power gain in incinerate is huge the ability to convert 50 Chitauri Energy to power drain and the random times the opponents miss an attack allowing you to smash them I once killed a nightcrawler just by dashing back and incinerate then popping a sp3 took no damage at…
  • I play every day at I've completed act 4 I do master completion each month I get tons of crystals however duped 3* gives maybe a level or 2 on a 4* dupes are rare at best on 4* I have 30 and I've duped 6 of them so far I've had about 3 4* crystals this week alone plus grind arena difference is I've been playing a Yr there…
  • I have a 3* corvius and I can beat most master matches once I've built up his power love him for questing just simple kill mutant, tech, special after evade and an avenger I guarantee that 6* will absolutely kill anything in his path just jammy luck well done on your pull
  • After months of improving my game I've been able to start clearing content consitantly yet this month doesn't matter how many ways I try I can't get a successful special to hit at all I'm glad I'm not the only one I thought I'd suddenly became a terrible player again kabam needs to sort this out I have found it almost…
  • Thank you all for your help especially kabam pertinax the choice is real lol based on what I've seen above I believe I shall be ranking up my yondu but as you can tell this was not a easy decision to come with on my own so thank you everyone for helping me :-)
    dans First r5 4* Commentaire de Spidermonkey902 juin 2018
  • This blocking issue is getting silly now I've lost so many fights due to it dropping the block when moving back never use to happen how can I progress in the game if this keeps happening kabam needs to address this instead of brushing under the carpet maybe if we all issue tickets on it they will take notice??
    dans Blocking Commentaire de Spidermonkey902 juin 2018