• Rather then giving out more tokens as compensation just give us an emote with the disconnect icon.
  • What he said 👆🏼, shortened version - I’d rather the developers, designers, kabam workers etc. focus their efforts elsewhere. Enough bugs as it is, why would they worry about a silly, off schedule, store reset just because rewards were sent out.
  • Get a magnifying glass and look again. It’s hard to see but it shows 11 under the paragon crystal.
    dans I have a doubt Commentaire de airmundo 19 mai
  • Same here. Intentionally went in to fight korg and get my evade to 100% but when I jumped back in it was reset back to 0.
    dans Apocalypse Glitched Commentaire de airmundo 14 janv.
  • Why did you leave your alliance to start the season 🤔
  • Boasting about how quickly you got to Plat AND dissing your whole alliance in one post. In the words of Rohan LOL.
  • Bump…it’s back again. I don’t see the victory objective but do see the complete 3 objective. Victory objective was there this morning but now it’s gone. New season same problem.
  • Sorry but I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back. Asked for this 3yrs ago and it’s finally being implemented.
  • It has something to do with the beta features. I turned them off and the freezing stopped. So if you’re trying to do the objectives for Titania that’s how.
  • First week of august is here, any update?
    dans Carina's challenge Commentaire de airmundo août 2022
  • Update - so when is my carina challenge coming back? Because I could just buy this guy for $10 but I still wouldn’t be able to finish out carina.
    dans So close… Commentaire de airmundo juillet 2022
  • So what’s your take on a Thronebreaker player that has 100% everything except for the revolution carina challenge because they’re missing one of the three champs needed? And because of that it looks like they’re soooo close to a third R4 when really it could be another 6 months to a year before either getting the champ…
  • As much as I hate arena grind…I have my fingers crossed they do that too because I’d suck it up and grind for it. I’m already 20 mutant/skill crystals deep and no luck. Missing thor rag is the only thing holding me back from paragon.
    dans So close… Commentaire de airmundo mai 2022
  • I have the same thing and restarting doesn’t help. I can’t do any questing here now.
  • Work towards if you’re not a whale. Get right off the bat if you spend money** IMO there would be zero argument here if the requirement was just 2 R4’s. A third is where the math breaks
  • Well said. Carina challenges can still be done by F2P players without using units but just requires a ton of farming and planning two weeks ahead. But even after all that, it still doesn’t get players to that 3rd R4. If the requirement was for just 2 then I’d shut up and stop complaining. But to say having 3 R4’s is for…
  • Carina can be done for F2P just requires a lot of farming revives. Lots of play time and planning but doable. 100% agree on third R4 no where to be found though. If it was just 2 R4’s needed then I’d agree with kabam when they say achievable “regardless of monetary investments” but to say 3 of them are at this point in the…
  • What laser John said, it’s a story quest not event. If you’ve ever farmed refills or revives you’d notice the same thing when finishing permanent content quests
  • I just finished 100% and ihulk was my go to. He powers through each wounded phase like it’s nothing (if he’s R3)
  • I’m at the point where I might need to get the sigil in order to save that T6BC overflow while I wait for a way to get the last T3A needed. I haven’t seen this level of imbalance on materials and there’s two reasons why: 1. The cap on inventory for these two catalysts is the exact amount you need to rank up a champ (unless…
    dans Lack of T3A rewards Commentaire de airmundo mars 2022
  • What everyone else said…but let me hold your hand along the way too. Phoenix needs to have 3 buffs on her. She can care less how many buffs you have lol
    dans Kabam please Commentaire de airmundo mars 2022
  • Anyone else like me and doing the math on lack of T3A? I’ve done every piece of content except the latest carina abyss challenges and after 100% act 7 I’ll still be about 23k shards short of my 3rd T3A. Meanwhile, I already have the 3 T6BC need for a R4 6*. After 100% act 7 I’ll be about 14k shards short of a 4th T6BC.…
  • He was either not released or just mole-boy (pre-buff) when I ran into that boss. At the time the only counter I could think of was a ramped up aegon but even then you’d need to hit void quickly to shrug off the debuffs. Not being able to parry to start the fight made that hard.
  • 60k void that is unblockable for first 6 seconds with whatever the node is where you start with heal block and armor break. Had that before too, instant degen
  • Act 7 difficulty with absolutely no item usage as an option. If we wanted content to be difficult, and fun, then making over the top, impossible to clear without revives content isn’t the answer (like abyss). Just make it somewhat difficult and don’t let any items be used.
  • Worthy of R3 pre-buff, change my mind 😬
  • Not dump eyy? Why can’t you spell dumb then? Joke ruined..
  • My thoughts exactly. It helped that I was sitting on two cosmic T5CC’s but still, she’s fun to use and also a champ I can “turn my brain off” and do parry combos till the opponents dead. Plus she’s suicide friendly. Now there’s only more upside coming, excited to see what the buff means for her.
  • Help 4 until 960, then do single helps until 1000, then go back to help 4. Tell your alliance mates if you really need the help on your champs because who knows how long it will take to patch a non-game changing bug.