Here me out... Elsa Bloodstone is overrated

SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,831 ★★★★★
She’s not top 5 skill. So many people say Elsa is top five skill it’s actually stupid


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    RemeliRemeli Posts: 608 ★★★
    She's somewhere between 8 and 10 best skill champ.
    Nick, Aegon, Stealthy, Monkey, Falcon, Blade are top 6 and i'd say KM is 7th imo.
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    SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,831 ★★★★★

    Not as much as Quake

    who’s not as overrated as Ebony maw
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    SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,496 ★★★★
    Fancyson said:

    IKON said:

    In the skill class theres

    1. Nick Fury

    2-8 - a bunch of champs you could rank however you feel like and be reasonably correct, including Elsa.

    I agree, except Aegon is 2nd just because he makes abyss and longer content so much easier.
    I would even dare to say (if we dont count AoL and LoL) that Stealthy is better than Aegon.

    You might think that statement is crazy but when you have AoL 100% and a 6* Aegon and Stealthy + pull a Skill T5CC who would you R3?
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    PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 918 ★★★★
    BWDO is about to become very useful in the next Cavalier event.
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