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  • AgresssorAgresssor Posts: 243
    Right now who cares if he doesnt fateseal like earlier if he can kill the oppponents before even Hood reaches two bar of power ?
    In this game, the most important thing is to kill the enemy as quickly as possible and not fiddle with him for hours, this has always been the case.
    The shorter the fight lasts, the less chance of making mistake.

    Who cares about fateseal if even before the buff most people take him purely for synergy or for situational moments like 6.2 boss.
  • AgresssorAgresssor Posts: 243
    edited February 26
    It's 50-50%, some people like the buff and some don't, and what are we going to do? give out rank down tickets ? why judge even before the update, it's all just on paper, in practice, everything can be different..

    Personally, I like the new changes, the damage is more needed in this game, in 7.1 opponents have about 350k hp and in front of 3 more chapters, whatever anyone says, the whole point is to kill faster and not fiddle around for hours, at least this is purely my opinion.

    Although, on the other hand, this problem can be solved very quickly if they return fateseal back ...
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 535 ★★★
    Hood was always one of those champions on my roster that didn't get active use, but was fun to play in the rare uses that he did get.

    As the owner of a R4 awakened hood I was hoping that this buff would finally do him justice.... But it doesn't seem like it, at least on paper.
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 535 ★★★
    HI_guys said:

    None of the new invisibility nonsense was needed. The hexes alone would've sufficed.

    The invisibility isn't bad, but removing the fate seal was.
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 1,430 ★★★★
    Are we certain that Hexes don't have an effect until they expire? Seems a waste if they don't do anything else. Is the potency increase referring to the damage on expiration/detonation? That's a weird way to say it vs "+XX.XX damage" if that's all it is.
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