Guillotine, A community choice champ and nerf? Are u happy with this buff?



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    i love how they go ahead and say "we're happy with how she is" and then literally show 2 graphs that show how her regen got substantially worse

    my thoughts exactly :D

    Although, pre-buff she was just above 90 (whatever those units are) and post-buff she was somewhere around mid 80s (whatever those units are). Graphs definitely show her regen as worse, but I don't know about substantially worse.
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    The regen is the only issue with the new kit?

    Geez, between Guillotine, Thor Rags, Sersi, and arguably Ikaris, I’m starting to think someone has a seething hatred for giving champs utility.

    You can give me as many flashy red and yellow numbers as you want, I don’t care if the champ adds nothing to my roster.

    Fixing the regen won’t fix that.

    But it’s a step in the right direction I suppose.

    Tbf with thor, his stun lock is a pretty good utility
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    Kabam Boo said:

    Hi folks, here's our latest post with some clarification on the subject:

    We hope you'll join @Kabam John and myself at the live AMA tomorrow! Check the post for more details! :)

    This is very much appreciated @""Kabam Boo".
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    i love how they go ahead and say "we're happy with how she is" and then literally show 2 graphs that show how her regen got substantially worse

    They said they were happy with how the rest of the kit was.

    Not that I agree the rest of her kit is fine, but they did literally say they were happy with the state of most of her kit, but would keep an eye on the healing.
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    i love how they go ahead and say "we're happy with how she is" and then literally show 2 graphs that show how her regen got substantially worse

    They said they feel she could use more Regen, but are happy with most of her new kit. So they argee with people.
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    It's evident that they're not interested in reverting her, so it might be more productive to offer ideas on how to improve her current setup on top of the Regen.
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    Mord said:

    Well I'm glad to finally see some regen numbers, but even those show a poor picture of the picture.

    Regen per second comparison might be a good metric if all champs have the same optimal gameplay style and similar stats and defensive (and offensive) abilities and masteries. It also depends on how they were actually played for the sample as DNA points out. How big a regen per second actually is should be measured relative to all those factors.

    For example, I see there Diablo and Angela. Both of these champions sustainability skyrocket with suicide masteries. Diablo also reduces incoming damage from all sources when awakened (up to 30%!), and Angela has sizeable armor ups.

    Hulkbuster is very tanky (large armor), blade and wolverine are healing machines if you keep your power and don't throw specials. Ghost rider can heal substantially more if you use judgement of malice last.

    All in all, comparing healing per second as if it is the only metric for sustainability can be highly misleading. And even with all that noise added together, new Guillotine's regen is lower.

    Couple of final notes

    - Please, PLEASE, move away from those graphs. For communication purposes, I would use a barplot with the axis switched: champions names in the y-axis (horizontal text is typically easier to read), metric in the x-axis (descending order also makes comparisons easier), and for the love of god, change the font size.

    - Provide *context* to the data behind the plot. Else publishing a figure like this is meaningless.

    - The post only focused on regen, while the lack of utility was the main concerned I've seen. So what I'm getting at is that the team targeted her to have decent damage and very low utility that is also currently covered by lots of other champions (not even niche). Is that right? because that was old Guillotine as well: her place in the game didn't even change one bit after a big community vote/event.

    Can you post this one the thread when it opens. That graph is weird and confusing as hell.
    Also if they're doing this AMA just to talk about the regen, they might as well not bother. Guilly with Wolverine's level of regen is still not endgame material because she's got no utility.
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