Removal of Revive Farming and the Apothecary Discussion



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    As stated in the original post, if you explore the Hard difficulty, there's a reward of 1 revive...
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    JOKE94 said:

    How can you introduce this change and leave LOL and Abyss as they are? They literally force you to spend hundreds of revives (especially with the carina challenges). Who can even afford to buy that many items with units?

    That’s the point. They don’t want you do it for free. Seems like a great way to chase even more people away. Next up from Kabam, they will remove all ways to earn free units.
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    16 pages of comments in a few hours.... yikes.
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    Its terrible, its horrible...
    Just make your peace with the game... Ride it out and when it stops being fun or feels like U can't keep up.. just quit it .. .at least that's what I'm gonna do.. no point on argueing or giving feedback on a decision that was taken without feedback.. this is a complete flashback from 12.0...
    I mean.. all this complaints and the increase on stash cap was a "scapegoat" for compromise...
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    Kabam they just don’t care man honestly, at least remove the limit we can store
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    Maybe the answer is not do Everest content that forces you to burn through a ton of revives/resources?? That's what I do. I'm 5 yrs in, 1 r4 6* away from Paragon, initial completion of 8.1 done, and I'm WELL aware of my limits...

    To each their own, I guess...
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    This thread has shown me that a lot of "I, for one, welcome this long overdue enforcement of karmic justice" people know players that somehow no skill slopped their way through EOP, Gauntlet, Abyss, etc. by drowning the content in infinite revives that they got for nothing even though you would still need to use a ton of energy items to farm any significant amount of revives in a short time, but those lames also basically cheated by abusing the Humanoid Hack Hercules, again with no skill.

    I wonder if they all know the same no skill dudes?
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