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  • gahrlinggahrling Posts: 176
    Game down. FFS
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    Should have seen it coming, it was working for a full hour straight !
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 873 ★★★
    I believe its down again
  • Bryman187Bryman187 Posts: 204
  • Down again 3 times in one day get a grip
  • This is getting really old why can't this happen on a week that nothing is going on
  • game down again
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    1:32 EST... getting close to 24 HOURS... The game is still not STABLE. I just got booted out AGAIN.

    Missing out on rewards left, right, and center here, Kabam. You gave us all this sweet content and gold/ BC boost, and it's been almost a full day that we can't access the game reliably.

    Please post a sticky, update it HOURLY, and communicate with your users (who pay your salaries). Tell us what is going on for ****'s sake.
  • OwainOwain Posts: 2
    Just wondering if anyone else is not able to log in
  • I like how they keep merging all this in one, like it helps the problem any. It just shows how annoyed the community is when you have this many pages of failures for just the beginning of the week.
  • ZooxanatorZooxanator Posts: 23
    Again??? Really?????
  • 7ypxdbrluk84.png
  • Spurgeo14Spurgeo14 Posts: 1,147 ★★★
    Yep, game is down.
  • DK1109DK1109 Posts: 10
    @Kabam Miike this is getting really old!
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    I have 2 devices: the i-phone telle me to check my connection (LOL) and my i-phone says there is an emergency maintenance...
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    Maybe there is a problem with people’s ability to read the forum topics and see the countless threads on this exact subject.

    Okay, they can be counted, but with many being merged I really don’t want to.

    Oh, the game is down again.
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 665 ★★★
    This is so odd. Everything usually runs like a well oiled machine.
  • f9_absf9_abs Posts: 126
    Yup, just before arena fight was about to start.

  • MCOC has been down twice already today. Even with 30 minute timers how are we supposed to 100% AQ if we can’t get on
  • its down again
  • That's the worst and long and most repetitive down time I ever experienced in this game
  • Is their something wrong with the servers ? I keep getting kicked out
  • AJ_Engel30AJ_Engel30 Posts: 48
    Ugghh..... WTF
  • Jonrdz1Jonrdz1 Posts: 197
    Please give us something for.our wasted resources and missing out on red shards they are very rare and I've been. Disconnected this couple of days wasted resources big time
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    Deerslayer wrote: »

    What could possibly make you think that ? :p
  • Seriously! What is going on with your game kabam!! I’ve just spent units and used boosts to take down that ice Phoenix that you deliberately put there to make players spend! Except of course for those with a mephisto!!! Now this network problems show up?!! I mean I don’t expect to get my stuff back cause compensation for your mistakes isn’t something you’d give... but fix your game and get things running correctly so we don’t spend items, units and money on a defective product!
  • Looks like your doing everything to sneak 5.4 in hoping it works. Stop aggravating everyone and just shut the game down until u get it right. Be back next year
  • AbipeyFSUAbipeyFSU Posts: 8
    The game is crashing so much. I just lost a 30/30 boost after i used a ton of potsvin the motel. Please guys and girls make it right for us.
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