Synergies on AW Defense [Under Investigation]



  • ChampZ89ChampZ89 Posts: 2
    @Kabam Miike what are the updates? more than 2 months.
  • ÆrroneousÆrroneous Posts: 73
    Wonder if every player would submit a support ticket every day then would they get tired and finally fix it? Lol
  • Sakic19Sakic19 Posts: 62
    I cussed in a post once and got a real quick relpy from them! LOL But I don’t recommend doing it! :0) How about no nodes and you fight just what each alliance throws at you!?! Match alliances based on alliance rating and there you go! Oh and how about a limit on the number of boosts you can use in a war, like they have for revives/health??
  • Ærroneous wrote: »
    Wonder if every player would submit a support ticket every day then would they get tired and finally fix it? Lol

    no, it will prolongue answer for players that has a real problem - with their account or something. Tech support office is on another place than kabam dev team.
  • ChampZ89ChampZ89 Posts: 2
    Is there not going to be an update? @Kabam Miike
  • superunknown012superunknown012 Posts: 413 ★★
    Any chances this gets fixed by the start of next season?
  • another stellar example of why people get so frustrated at Kabam. We all understand that coding is complex and different codes impact gameplay in unexpected ways. What we can’t understand is that the company remains quiet about it. Just let us know what’s going on and a rough eta of when a fix is expected. Then update that eta daily, weekly, hourly (whatever, as long as we know when updates are due), so we don’t have to hang our heads against this brick wall in sheer frustration. Trying to get information and updates is like pulling blood from a stone at times.
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    Kabam doesn't have the time to comment on stuff like this that matters. Go tell them what you love about them, they will respond to that.
  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 225
    Don't understand why they shouldn't fix this. It would mean more money for them as defense gets harder if synergies works
  • So did they admit that they do not work because my entire defense team is built on synergies
  • This investigation is absolutely riveting.
  • @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit

    You guys are very quick to shut down threads and warn people. How bout actually helping us with some insight
  • RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,089 ★★★★
    Kabam is completely transparent with us, as long as we are telling them they are doing something right.
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    edited April 2018
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit

    This WAS my defense for war. Can you guys guess which champs I ranked specifically for this purpose. Which champs I wasted resources on because I was under the impression that synergy worked. Can I expect a refund on resources?
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 363
    I have faced arena teams that have they're synergys, how is this any different. This isnt just going to dissapear so can we at least have a response from someone on this
  • KlaywikiKlaywiki Posts: 41
    This thread and others like it are why players have MINIMAL to ZERO faith in Kabam Support that their community team keep telling us to send tickets to. Issues with the game get "passed on to the team" and I'm not sure if "the team" is just their nickname for the recycling bin on their pc.
  • @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit

    It has been over a month since the last update on this issue. Not only did you never inform your player base that this was an issue (in game mail would be best as most don’t look at the forums) but you have yet to update us as to when we can expect a resolution. I’ve spent hard earned resources upgrading a synergy defense to learn it was wasted. WTF
  • Seriously, still no update?
  • Is this still a thing? Is there any way to check other than contacting a competing alliance?
  • RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,089 ★★★★

    This was the last update from Kabam. Quote was taken from another thread.
  • Vegeta9000Vegeta9000 Posts: 201 ★★
    Thats a stupid response, how in the world are defensive champions not meant to be a surprise, they're literally hidden on the map. You either expect the unexpected in this game, or you die. A lot of these new synergies are built specifically for defence, yet here we are, getting told they'll probably never be a thing. I mean, hey, remember bases. Fond memories.
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,102 ★★★
    the synergies should act among the battlegroup’s roster, not just the member. We are talking about war, which means battalion against battalion. So, whoever has a punisher in that battlegroup should interact with another punisher 2099 in that bg, and the Thor in that Same bg, as well as the captain merica inside that same bg. It’ll be pandemonium but fun.
  • Nili1405Nili1405 Posts: 31
    why grinding for new champs with good synergies...nothing I can use in AW. for example Killmonger and BP CW
  • Sed0rikuSed0riku Posts: 5
    Any update or at least a reply about AW synergy issues?
    @Kabam Miike
    @Kabam Wolf
    @Kabam Vydious
    @Kabam Loto
    @Kabam Zibiit

  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 3,506 ★★★★★
    It is best that they are not fixed. Some of the unique synergies will be too much to handle in AW
  • Haji_Saab wrote: »
    It is best that they are not fixed. Some of the unique synergies will be too much to handle in AW

    I disagree. I don't really know of a synergy that would be too overpowering. Difficult, maybe.

    I dont mean this in a confrontational way, but convince me otherwise. Maybe theres a synergy I missed.
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