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    @Kabam Miike pliz. We need rank Down ticket it May Not be devstiy is gone for ever but we use resucer ther Not thah esay to get im event get more tier4cc thah tier4b.
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    Keonex wrote: »
    If you want to make it more difficult to 100% complete, why not remove items and methods of payment?

    You bring 5 champs instead and there is no reviving/pots allowed. This would highlight true skill.

    Also, add prove yourself to mini bosses.

    At least quote me, instead of stealing my post ;)

    Just kidding man it’s all good.
  • XhoziXhozi Posts: 2
    Hi kabam. Was really good experience to play season 2. But what will happened with us that’s got kicked 3days before season finish?
  • XhoziXhozi Posts: 2
    BBcode hello kabam. What will happen with people who get kicked before aw season?
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    Gamer wrote: »
    And @Kabam Miike what with Them ther get kick rigth berfor the wars ends thah bs. For Them

    What he said.
  • DzsozDzsoz Posts: 14
    I really like this game, so i am making some noise in order to avoid rage quitting it.

    If you remove diversity, provide rank down tickets, no matter what the future brings. Please.

    A mixture of diversity and good defenders required discussions, strategy. By this, it will be easy af. Just pop some spidey, medusa, nc, etc everywhere. And letting the RNG have a big influence in defender roster. If you dont have good defenders, alliances will not need you.

    Also saying by diversity matches were already decided at the start is a lie. It will be decided by this “innovation”, because the alliance with more money will win.
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    So I feel everyone should just place 2* on defense, 100% every map, and not spend anything on potions? Seems like a reasonable protest to the upcoming changes. Especially since I know a lot of guys out there ranked up a lot of pitiful champs to maintain diversity, myself included. Kabam is tone deaf in their approach and I haven't even got to check out the MD changes. I dread seeing what they are. I think it's time to go FTP, maybe even solo.

    If you could get everyone to agree to that, you might as well convince everyone to disband their alliances and reform new ones, then fight exactly one war where no one kills anything, then have the entire game end with an identical season score, which would mean everyone would be tied for first place and qualify for master one rewards.

    If nothing else, we'd be on the front page of Kotaku for a while.

    I wish everyone could get together and do just this, but know it will never happen. Plus, we would all need to do 5 wars to qualify for rewards otherwise no one would get anything.
  • RockonRockon Posts: 268
    i highly suggest we should have something given to us to accommodate the change in the game mechanics as we have to change to them nearly every patch. also when is carnage getting buffed?
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    DukeZman wrote: »
    Bro last season there was a 4-week break. This time there's 2 and going forward there will be 2. So it's not any shorter.

    8 week season + 4 week break + 8 week seasons +2 week break = 22 weeks
    4 week season +2 week break + 4 week season + 2 week break + 4 week season + 2 week break + 4 week season = 22 weeks.

    Unless I'm missing something, it'll balance out to be the same. You just get season rewards payed out at more frequent intervals: every month instead of every 2 months.

    Ahh...but they said the initial break (after season 1) was long because they wanted to analyze all of the data from the very first season and that the breaks between seasons would not all be the same (hinting that they could be less or could be more). That way they can always hide behind never officially answering anything. So the break was never officially 4 weeks, or 2 for that matter.
  • Ro2199Ro2199 Posts: 8
    I specifically ranked up champs for diversity, now they’re useless to me. I think some rank down tickets would be in order here.
  • GabbrosGabbros Posts: 157
    edited June 2018
    I will repeat myself again:

    Keep diversity. But, make it cap at 90 or 120 rather than 150.
  • GabbrosGabbros Posts: 157
    I will repeat myself again:

    Keep diversity. But, make it cap at 90 or 120 rather than 150.
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    Gabbros wrote: »
    I will repeat myself again:

    Keep diversity. But, make it cap at 90 or 120 rather than 150.

    I actually like this idea too. It still benefits those that ranked up champs purely for diversity points under the old format yet gives alliances some flexibility in deciding who to place. It would be a nightmare to manage rosters still, but nothing that many of us have not already grown used to.
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    ASV27 wrote: »
    ASV27 wrote: »
    like the shorter season but the price to complete the maps just quadrupled. No more free fights and harder nodes.

    So, with the exception of those Nodes on Challenger and Expert that we mentioned, we haven't made any other nodes harder. The new Nodes are meant to make things more difficult, but will also be visible from the get go, so Attackers are able to bring in champions to specifically counter whatever Champion they see there.

    Removing diversity is much more important than the new nodes. There's gonna be 10+ IMIWs and Dorms on every map. I get why you did it, but it just stinks for the players.

    I don't think anybody wants to place 10 Dormammu on a Map anymore... The Meta has shifted quite a bit since Diversity was introduced, and some of the former best Defenders have met their match now. Others may seem difficult right now, but Players have already started to find the counters needed for them! This will continue to happen in cycles, because that's just the nature of a game like this!

    No mainly IMIF
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    Seems like diversity should have more emphasis placed on it l, instead they remove it!!! Go figure
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    So does this mean Kabam will be handing us out some rank down tickets, to make up for the garbage champs we wasted resources on just for Diversity???
  • Tmm1224Tmm1224 Posts: 14
    No they said that they would not give out rank down tickets
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