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  • DId any actually try this? Because the descripton for Mystic Disperersed says "Complete Act 5, Chapter 3, Quest 1 with only non-Mystic 3 Star Champions in your team roster."
  • Same for me. Right after the update my game crashes right after I win a fight with Claire. So far i have tested arena and event quest. Not going to risk losing half my health to test in AQ. I am on Mote E 2020, Android 10, Verizon. I have been connected to my home WiFi and not on cell data.
    in BWCV Comment by BigMo January 2021
  • yes, it appears to be a bug
  • Ok my alliance mate was able to join and after rebooting my phone i was able to join. Strange but everything seems to be working fine now.
  • Yes, I also always do different master modifiers every day to maximize points.
  • For me hitting that 8mil peak milestone by doing map 2 with master modifiers is important. There is a good jump in glory up from 700 at 6mil to 1200 at 8mil. So definitely worth pushing to hit 8mil every AQ.
  • Doesn't hurt to get suicides unlocked. Never a waste of units to unlock them for future use. I used them for a long time, turned them off for a while and then started using them again after getting my 5* Omega Red to R5. I say go for it and see if you like them.
  • Map 3 locks your best champs in AQ so that is why i don't do it. Might be worth trying once when i don't need them for quests
  • Alliance prestige is 6135. My main account is 7600 and second account is 4671. I run map 2 with the hardest modifiers. That is how I reach the 8 mil peak milestone. Those modifiers really add up for me so I need to complete the map for the bonus points so I need to have the second account.
  • I sort of run AQ solo. I created a second account so i can have enough energy to reach the boss in map 2. I don't do map 3 because i want my best champs for both AQ and questing. I get over 8mil points doing this every week. Not a lot but enough to get some glory.
  • Here is my dream team
  • Hard to tell if this is a troll post or not but will give you the benefit of the doubt. It is not a bug. With recent changes to namor, kabam is letting people sell him back and they will return resources used on him later. Do a little research on the forums and you will see details.
  • I use my Omega Red for caltrops. He is immune to poison and bleed activates his death field. It is like OR was made for it.
  • AQ is still a good source for T4cc either from the map crystals or using your glory to buy greater glory crystals. Also the monthly EQ rewards
  • This is my suicide build I use when running Omega Red. Not built for Max PI but using OR.
  • I did that for my first account. But I started a second account and never went back and 100% act 2 or 3. I rushed through to get act 4 finished and then uncollected. If you can push for completing the acts and go back to 100% when you get stuck professing further
  • Since both are unduped I would recommend ranking up x23 first. She doesn't need to be duped to still be great. AA needs really needs to be duped to be great.
  • The odds of NOT pulling a specific champ are 24/25 or 96% each crystal (I think there are 25 champs in that crystal). The odds are the same each crystal, however the odd of not pulling that champ X number of times in a row is not the same. The math is if you open 5 crystals the odds of not pulling a specific champ 5 times…
    in Odds Comment by BigMo September 2019
  • I have the same thing happening to me. I see the calendar on my second account but not my main account no matter what device I use. Crazy
  • Especially never sell your very first champs. Before I knew better I sold my 1* Spiderman after I got a 3* Spiderman. Now I can never get him back.
  • I used x-23 for all the fights in ROL (mine is a 5* 4/55) plus guillotine for wolverine. You can do it with that team. It will just be long fights and maybe a few items. X-23 will be the cheapest with her regent. Good luck.
    in RoL team Comment by BigMo September 2018
  • Power control champs like Hawkeye, Magik and Vision are what I see is missing. Star Lord is great but not the best for RTTL. Look up Joel Line on YouTube. He has some good guides on RTTL even though they are a bit older.
  • I did about 40 fights in arena to get all the new 2* champs. Others have had to do more or less. Keep at it and you will eventually get all the champs
  • I always liked Magik even when she was not as powerful. I used to spam her SP1 to control power. She is so much better now, especially with mystic dispersion
  • I used Iceman to beat him. But any champ can do it as long as you block his first SP2 and the just bait out his SP1 after that. I used Iceman for safety in case I had to tank a SP3 right at the start of the fight. The first time you fight a new champ they always seem impossible until you get used to how they work.
  • Blade first and Hawkeye second. I have a R5 4* Blade and a R3 5* Hawkeye and use Blade more often.
  • Starting next week when you win a 1vs1 fight you will get a 2* crystal to try to get all of the required champs. You might have to grind some arena but you should be able to get at least a 2* of the required champs to complete the event
  • You can't evade his SP2 so block his SP2 and try to bait his SP1.
  • Void needs to be awakened to be a great attacker otherwise he should be left on AW defense