Alliance Quest Miniboss and Sentinel Refresh - April 2018 - Discussion Thread [Updated April 13]



  • So when are you nerfing Sentinels? It’s day one AQ and I am getting close to being timed out quite a bit. Sentinels are too ****; literally too slow and defensive. Yet somehow can they can pull off a special with speed.

    It would be nice if this change came with a 5/6* Wolverine in my mailbox. Or worthwhile rewards. Or to be given a more proportionate value for buying units.

    I don’t know. It seems every change shafts players just a little bit more.
  • Mike_10Mike_10 Posts: 1
    Change simbiods by sentinels on AQ only means one thing... kabam needs more money !! What they earns is Never enough! Whenever they changes anything in the game it is always to benefit in their own behalf! We the players are always harmed by these changes !! Not mention the prizes that are getting worse ! Shame on you Kabam!!
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    The refresh is a good thing. But also just a money grab
    increased difficulty's not awarded with updated rewards.
    @Kabam Miike
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★
    I think I’m the only one who likes the change. AQ was too repetitive, can’t wait for the full release.

    then get used to fighting the same champ with the same specials over and over again 5 days a week. at least symbiodes had different specials and defensive properties. all of the sentinels are bleed poison immune. they all have the same major weakness. they can change the class all they want, but we are still baiting and evading the l1 until they use it.

    I'd rather they just replace one sentinel per path with a normal champ. i'm not saying I'm tired of them now, but I will be the third week or so.
  • Kdog76Kdog76 Posts: 60
    All for a refresh but agree on sentinels being too much. Causing bleed or power drain thru a block is ridiculous. Even a parry will cost you now.

    And no they don’t “melt” with armor break. I’ve used Medusa, IF, and even lowly 4* Thor.

    All this has done is push us into bleed immune champs and negated DW mastery for AQ. Can’t the game get more interesting and fun without feeling like we got screwed?
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,972 ★★★★
    Okay so here's an idea. This was a refresh to keep us busy. When infinity war event is over, put new thanos as boss, and his children/army become these nodes. At least then they would be normal champs and differing move set.
  • I have a great idea for a refresh. Maybe put in different champs. I fight 10 Sentinels on any given AQ. My path is 7/7/7. Is it difficult to add actual champs to AQ? Why do mystic Sentinels get MD and Nullify through blocks? Why are Skill Sentinels totally immune?

    Is map 5 worth the insanely high cost with such **** rewards and fights? Why is my alliance mates 5* Iceman timing out on day one against NC? F map 5. It’s still boring.
  • MadMax79MadMax79 Posts: 31
    @Maat1985 be proud of yourself.. what a great achievement ... so very productive .. well done dude well done
  • Par for the course
  • ZappZapp Posts: 69
    So you made AQ harder but kept the rewards the same? (Sentinels are a LOT harder to fight, if you claim otherwise you should probably try for yourself first)

    Have to say I’m not surprised that not a lot of people are big fans of this change.
  • LegendsendLegendsend Posts: 92
    edited April 2018
    I was waiting to try it out before judging... After trying it out and having never been here to "complain" before I have to say that the difficulty of aq is raised and therefore the rewards should reflect said change. Unblockable specials and heavies, nc with the crazy evade... etc... That raised the difficulty but I had to try it out before coming here to say anything. I'm doing really well but I can't say the same for others in the alliance and it's day 1. This is not me advocating for a change or for anything to remain the same... This is me merely stating a fact.
  • KnightarthusKnightarthus Posts: 419 ★★★
    Sometimes in real life you end up doing more work for the same pay due to rise of competition or some other factors. This should never be the case in games, games are based on dopamine stimulation. This was a weird approach I don’t recall seeing anywhere else in games.

    This is the community feed back as seen here and in different threads so hopefully it will be addressed.
  • Vincew80Vincew80 Posts: 195 ★★
    edited April 2018
    Sentinels aren’t difficult but they’re long boring fights... gonna be great fighting them 10 times an aq. Morningstar is the main one I have an issue with specifically the 2nd fight. Good luck not timing out unless you have a heavy hitting, bleed immune, power control champ... way to pigeonhole our options. Overall, it seems like they put no thought into it other than their pockets... which I won’t be helping to fill until they actually listen to the fan base.
  • FuchinFuchin Posts: 10
    edited April 2018
    Gotta realize Kabam is a biz just trying to find new ways to make money. Once anything is mastered they move the ball to make money. First Perect Block, next 12.0, now that everyone’s adjusted to not using Thor, SW, Doc.... they had to kill wolverine. The only way to do that after the backlash from 12.0 is to do it backdoor by making most of the map bleed immune.
  • Pyran1Pyran1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2018
    What you guys are calling a “refresh” looks like a colossal money grab from my end. No extra reward given while difficultly ramps up for no real reason other than to alleviate boredom, which hasn’t been accomplished. Now we are just bored and frustrated.
  • MC_CARKA7MC_CARKA7 Posts: 50
    ive played this game since the early days..and never have i been closer to quiting it

    the sentinels are a joke..even if rewards increase it isnt the same..sure changes are more than welcome, but to lose a champ against a mystic sentinel on the first day of AQ?i dont know its just not ok..

    and no response from strange but yet so predictable
  • OneslydoggOneslydogg Posts: 35
    This could have all been avoided with beta testing. If they let’s select players fight sentinels with stats from day 1-5 they would have seen how overwhelmingly power they can be. Unfortunately kabam likes to do live tests, where we are all forced to deal with this **** until they see actual live results and adjust from there.
  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    Looks like this is just trying to be shoved under the rug to let it pass. Let people vent and eventually everyone will shut up about it while accepting the change
  • CurtisLowCurtisLow Posts: 14
    Day one and I see wolverine is no good anymore. Iron Man wouldn’t regen. Sentinels have changed aq for the worst. At least their abilities. I’m trying Iceman, SW and I don’t know who for day 2.
  • Love all the Non disclosed changes made to AQ. Lumber added to mini bosses, AI got much quicker. AI avoids parry 10x more than last week. Sucks when you run a path for multiple months and then noticed a ton of changes on day 1 that weren’t announced. Between this and all the mod alliances in aw with no action from kabam, this is the last straw for me. Great game ruined by an incompetent group of developers and game team that absolutely doesn’t understand the player base
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