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  • @magnus_xix Sinister can't transfer Degen debuffs ^_^
  • I used warlock and one-shotted each time in about 80 hits but the fight isn't that easy and it's long, the problem with the synergy is that it feed the other node, the one that gives Sinister power when a buff expires or is removed. I'm also not sure if he is the best, I've never used Ultron and I'm not a fan, but I have…
  • @Xguard77 heavies aren't needed at all, you just have to hit the opponent and the Caustic Temper node coupled with the Warlock/Ultron synergy will give you the fury as long as you are using a poison immune champion ^_^
  • Cable's Degeneration can't be applied to #Robot champions, so it won't work against darkhawk ^_^
  • Cable with Prof. X, White Mags, Apoc and Colossus is who I used: 60% poison resistance from White Mags' synergy and up to 132% with prof. X makes cable "immune" to poison, and the degen doesn't trigger cornered ^_^
  • Could you please tell us what changes you have made to other synergies? Specifically the Taskmaster and the Hit-Monkey ones, that I believe will be changed since one is implemented in his kit and the other will lose the mechanic to work with. Thank you in advance ^_^
  • How can be possible that I wasn't able to land an intercept for three fights, in Map 2? I'm using hercules just for fun and I can't complete the "Intercept" thing, my opponents NEVER dashed at me in three fights, it's frustrating to say the least... If you create space your opponent just walk until is in front of you and…
  • Guilly' SP1 can't be unblockable because when guilly is over 10 souls charges ten of them are spent to place the Soul Link debuff, and because this happen when the special is activated it removes your ability to go unblockable. Basically, Guilly is countering her own abilities XD
  • 7 GGCs per new account, three accounts a day, 8H per day: if I sell GGCs that I get from a single account for 40$ (resonable and competitive price, you would pay 70$ to get 7 GGCs by yourself) I can now earn 120$ a day tax-free, or almost. That means 3600$ in a month worth of effort, effort that can be comparable to a job.…
  • Me too, started a new account yesterday and I only have the 20% boost given by the free week of sigil... maybe kabam removed it because it's now easier to level up (less time in lower acts means more time in act 4, where the bulk of XP is located)? just guessing ^^"
  • Colossus, with Odin and ImAbom trying to steal the throne ^_^
  • Venompool with Iceman/Vision Aarkus, the Ice armor can prevent the detonation damage, it's just a bit RNG dependent because it's only 75% chance to procs when you reach 100 cookin' meter but a 5* R5 VP can tank a detonation and heal back to full if needed ^_^
  • No it isn't, I'm on android and I don't have any offer too.
  • Venompool obliterates that guy and will stay at full yellow bar, as long as you know how to dex his specials. Bring a mutant with you and VP will be even better ^_*
  • I see your 7K units with 6 accounts and raise with 15K units on two alts... Gifting event here I come *_*
  • I have mine at R5 and I don't regret the choice at all, one of my most used champions: I have used him for act 6, act 7, variants where allowed and cav EQs, and each time he surprised me for how many different fights I could take with him, not to mention his utility in making any champion good for buffed up nodes and…
  • Jabari Panther with the current Skill node is incredible, my 6* R1 was killing enemies faster than a 6* R3 Fury, really really fun to use; I also tried Juggernaut in the Mystic quest and I was hitting 50K+ SP2 with a 5* R4, I really loved those fights too *_*
  • @Mr_Platypus no video, just personal experience: i used her and saw that she was working until i parried and VP removed all debuffs from itself (that's why I want to try with White Mags); I was also having input issues, so I decided to leave the quest, but I might try again later today and I'll let you know if I was right…
  • with despair you can reduce his healing to 0, and with AAR you can prevent him from removing debuffs when struck, and you can use the enervate from her SP2 to be aggressive ^_^
  • gwenpool is already an option even with the current set of nodes and bugs, you just have to never parry or use white mags' pre-fight (i think, I should have to test this) ^_^
  • These are the champions that I used for this particular variation of Cav. EQ, though I might have missed a couple that I used for some niche fights ^_^ Mystic: Sasquatch, Sorcerer Supreme, Juggernaut. Science: Immortal Abomination, Luke Cage, Cap IW. Skill: Nick Fury, Jabari Panther, Falcon. Mutant: Apocalypse, Prof. X,…
  • Without the dupe I would consider him close to useless, he has utility but not enough damage to support it in end-game content (read: after act 5), but if you can awaken him he becomes a surprisingly good champion, even just at sig. 20 ^_^
  • Venompool can remove buffs and normally he would work great against another VP, but I tried with my maxed five star and still wasn't able to outdamage the regen, nor I was able to use enough specials to constantly remove the regen, even with 10 furies active...
  • Venompool is purifying debuffs that are already applied to him. Awakened Gwenpool reduces the opponent Defensive Ability Accuracy by 2% for each hit in the combo meter, so after 50 hits she can prevent Venompool from removing debuffs when struck, but she obviously can't prevent the Parry's stun from being shrugged off. The…
  • a duped gwenpool could do this fight if it wasn't bugged: -100% DAAR can prevent the node from removing debuffs and enervate can make the fight much easier, but VP will removes all debuffs if you parry him (bug, nothing in the description says that he would purify pre-existing debuffs) and for some reason when I tried to…
  • Yes but only if you have Deep Wounds maxed in my opinion, without it he loses a lot of his strength, too much to make him worth the rank up ^_^
  • Why did you think i've done everything? ^^"
  • Speak for yourself: I've fully explored all Variants (bar V1, only completed), Act 7 and I'm at 91% exploration for Act 6 and yet I find Variants to be extremely tough. They are end-game content for me, more than the majority of Act 6 ^_^
  • Sorcerer Supreme, just spam SP1 ^_^
  • if you don't want to spend energy you can just play the side quest 50 times ^_^