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    I know a lot of people are mad. But if you think about it, Kabam is giving you a great opportunity to reevaluate how you play the game.

    Instead of being mad, pissy and outraged; think about the money that you will be saving. For me it gives me a sense of relief and puts a little smile on my face.

    I have almost the same story. Previously I didn't really mind to spend 20-50 euro / month for Paragon daily offers or other stuff. But I don't really see a need anymore.

    I'm still a bit frustrated by the fact that the game changes its focus from developing content for its users to obvious increasing of monetisation (how much an average player spends in the game). From this point of view, I can even say that I didn't really enjoy getting the Paragon title because Act 7 didn't really bring any challenge for me comparing to Act 6 and the Thronebreaker journey. For me it was just about spending extra money to get resources for those bloody R4 6-star champs. Which I think is terribly wrong. I mean, I don't really mind to spend a few euros but the game should have brought some increasing challenge.

    And now they drop farming, which seems to have another hidden reason behind - increasing monetisation by making people spending more money on units. It feels so terribly wrong because they have lots of higher priority problems to fix (bugs, modders), but they don't do that
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    It's funny they have time to merge my forum post but no time to give anyone a response
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    I legit will be spending the rest of this month farming then and at the end of this I will for sure be done with all endgame content. I cannot believe you guys cannot read the room from the original post you did, the least you guys can do is for this "Solo Event" you need to increase the revives by 3-4. I love this game too much not to fight for something that has been in the game since I can remember.

    I hope you guys reconsider strongly, it's not too late.
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    28 pages into this conversation and 1 comment from Kabam. Clearly they need to know this is upsetting to the community. Kind of shows how out of touch the company is. If they want to stop the farming then let us save up our revives to a much higher level. We do not need them all of the time. I find myself selling them because they sat in my over flow too long. We do not have hard content to beat all of the time, so I waste a lot of them. Then something comes out that I need them and they are not there. It is not fair to us. Not everyone has the skill of the top players and depend on using revives. Maybe we go back to no limits on inventory like it was when the game started.

    I think now is 8am in the pacific coast.
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    Idiots, they just needed to low the energy refill rates instead this sht or even increase their price. So we can keep doing the same thing spending a little more.
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    I think this may actually stand as the single worst idea by Kabam in the history of the game. I seriously cannot think of another idea Kabam’s had that’s been worse. This is a disgusting insult to the player base and will cripple the game as we know it.
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    Jaynox said:

    I legit will be spending the rest of this month farming then and at the end of this I will for sure be done with all endgame content. I cannot believe you guys cannot read the room from the original post you did, the least you guys can do is for this "Solo Event" you need to increase the revives by 3-4. I love this game too much not to fight for something that has been in the game since I can remember.

    I hope you guys reconsider strongly, it's not too late.

    furthermore, don't you think Kabam should be happy that we spend our time which we never get back, into their game revive farming? like come on guys, you lot make millions upon millions yearly, we see the $ and you want more, can we have one full year of player appreciation for putting so much time and money into this game, if it was not for us this game would have died in 2017.

    This feels like a slap in the face to us as a community, this is the only mobile game I truly soaked my time into I've been playing since q1 2015 and I don't want to stop because you guys are at an insane level of money greed.
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    I think this may actually stand as the single worst idea by Kabam in the history of the game. I seriously cannot think of another idea Kabam’s had that’s been worse. This is a disgusting insult to the player base and will cripple the game as we know it.

    I'm not saying you're wrong but that's a bold statement based on a plethora of bad decisions.
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    Feeney234 said:

    If this doesnt speak volumes, i dont know what will. Kabam, youre digging your own grave pulling stuff like this. The Contest is your only viable source of revenue and i can guarantee this will NOT cause an increase in sales. In fact, youll likely lose a bunch of your player base which in turn will cause revenues to decline.

    Great job 👍

    Similar thinking here but from my experience I doubt it that’s what going happen. Hopefully, the community wakes up cos of this. Many have talked about not spending, quitting and stuff like that when Kabam messes up like this but have struggled to carry out those wills. Only few have. People have to manage their addiction to the game first, then they’ll have a measure or full control or power. That’s the only way backlash will have real weight in my opinion.
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    Is money all you care about? Or you want to changed game totally into pay to win? If not zhen make fair to anyone and made limit for purchase also othereise only players who spend a lot will complete this **** content you create to just make people spend more money and is not even in skills anymore
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    Everyone blaming Hercules, bros chill out leave the man alone lol. Let’s focus the attention on the revive farm thingy! Next episode on the forums. Why Hercules isn’t good on 8.2? And how Kabam silence nerf him. So you can’t complain then, you are making Kabam take action against hercules lol 😂 anyhow peace ✌️
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    I came back during the Christmas events and with how generous the gifting event was i thought the game and Kabam had changed for the better from when i left in 2019. When i left i was FTP but after returning i have spent a good chunk. Since i returned there's been a few issues that really make me want to put the game down for good again, the increase in EQ difficulty for no reason, general lag/input issues, cheaters, and now this. This shows me nothing has really changed and Kabam really doesnt understand their customers and how to monetize their game.
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    Zuko_ILC said:

    Kabam in the opening paragraph in the forum post:
    "introducing a new way to earn consumables without having to rely on path RNG."

    Also Kabam, in the same forum post, introduced a RNG component to rely on:
    Easy - One Path has "a 1% chance of containing 1 level 1 revive"
    Hard - One Path has "a 5% chance of containing 1 level 1 revive"

    Bonus Question(s):
    "This frenzied revive farming trivializes difficult content like Carina’s Challenges and Eternity of Pain because Summoners simply spam revives. For us to allow what is effectively a loophole for these challenging pieces of content, we would have to dilute rewards given from that content, and that is not something we want to do."

    Since the beginning, people have earned millions of battlechips in Arenas and cashed them in for units and used the units to buy revives to beat challenging pieces of content. Please explain how this as any less of a loophole, and, if applicable, explain how you plan to either correct what is effectively another loophole or how you plan to dilute the rewards. What's the difference between spending 60 minutes/day in Arena vs 3.2.6? Why is one detrimental to the game and the other is not?

    Mic drop......

    This is exactly what I was just saying. It's fine to grind arenas for units to buy revives so how is farming any different. Both use a players time as currency. In arenas you get bc, gold, units and champs. Farming you just get energy and revives.

    That’s because arena farming is next on the list for May/June.
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    If they want to limit the use of revive then put a limit on it so the skill can prevail. Not limit the "free" revive farm. This thing they are doing shows that the dont mind if you use unit for the revives but only if you use the free ones. What a #### show.
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    I honestly can't believe this is happening. I pray that this is a really bad April fool's joke. Every single thing about this decision is downright stupid. What a waste of what could have been a great game.
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    Your reason for nerfing the revive farming was because of the expectations of Carina's challenges. You built that challenge with the certainty that players were going to lose fights and needed to spend saved units or money to revive.

    When we play these more difficult modes, we're not just playing against the defenders and node buffs...we're also playing against bugs, game crashes, failed inputs, mounting technical issues that we've been tolerating for 8 YEARS that have resulted in unecessary K.Os. So what happens for many of us when we were unecessarily KO'd? We had to unecessarily spend money or units on revives.

    So for you to have the nerve to nerf the ONE resource many players had to help them get through this **** show of a game because you're "worried" about "losing money", just shows the level of disregard you have for us and GREED you have for yourselves.

    Where are your concerns for OUR (monetary) losses?
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    Rap said:

    If this is the way it is going to be? I think it is time to make ALL revive and restore pots a percentage.
    The bulk of them are useless for higher tier champs. If they were all, t1 and up, a % it would not matter what tier the summoner has reached, they would be relevent and useful at every level of the game.
    So fine, take away farming! But improve your product if you will not let us accumilate the massive numbers it takes to restores a 6* or God forbid! A 7???

    People keep saying this. In what universe would this possibly be implemented in a manner that’s fair to the player? It’s ridiculous to look at the past year and expect that. They’d scale all the potions to a 5/65 Sasquatch and that’s what % health we’d all get.
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    BigBlueOx said:

    Mauled said:

    As I've said before I'm wholeheartedly against this change for a few reasons. I'm going to focus on the two that I believe are the most significant.

    1 - The potion/revive market has been in dire need of an overhaul for years, but especially in the last year or two since our champions have been hitting R3/4 and now R5. In order to revive and fully heal an un-boosted R4 costs something like 120 units, depending on the health pool, and even more if the champion is boosted. As the potion economy currently stands cases it's actually worth allowing boosts to expire - depending on the boosts you're using -before healing a champion. Using the free potions from 4 hour crystals it takes an average of about 10 crystals to heal a champion from a 40% revive (assuming you're a Paragon), using the lv3 from RoL it takes about 15 or so.

    The potion situation being so ludicrous is one of the reasons that revives are farmed in the way that they are: players can't afford to spend the units to heal their champions up, or have the time to spend hours and hours farming RoL for lv3 potions to heal. It's far more efficient to just farm revives and use 20% revives.

    Solution: Health potions should be % based, starting with 10% for lv1, up to a 60% heal for lv6.

    2 - Difficult content is being designed to make you revive. If you look at AoL upon release that was a piece of content that came with a hard ceiling on the amount of damage that you could do per hit - 85k - and a hard ceiling on the amount of hits you could do, depending on the power level of the champion ~240 hits. Unless you're using someone like Prof X, or Stryfe using a heavy-only playstyle soloing any of the fights was next to impossible, and it still is for many of the champions in the game no matter what their power level is now. This is a design philosophy that has continued into the Carinas Challenges, V1 was full of punitive challenges like the Star Lord challenge which is impossible to do without an enormous amount of revives, V2 isn't quite as bad though the Carina's Challengers challenge is still a revive fiesta. Carina V3 was designed to force you to revive multiple times per fight - there's only one of the Challenges where Peni isn't a total revive fiesta (CMM), for example.

    Solution: The design philosophy needs to change. There's a difference between hard and impossible content. Much of Carina V3, AoL (At least on release) is impossible content and people just aren't keen on the idea of spending 2-3k units to do a challenge or a single line in a quest.

    Completely agree @Mauled. Great points.

    The revive farm is a consequence of negligence of reviewing the potion ecosystem and making sure that a reasonable amount of account potions are available in endgame content. I’m not talking about ground breaking things here but a revive every other quest on a single line that doesn’t refresh would be a huge upgrade. Including heal pots that are relevant to the story content. This doesn’t meant L3 (1500 go revives in TB difficulty, gtfoh with that) but maybe L5s on an Act8 line. Another option would be to changed pots to % based pots, then maybe a L1 might be something of relevance to all players. Rather than less than 1% of a 6star R5 HP… again gtfoh with that.

    Additionally it’s a consequence of unreasonable objectives that aren’t designed to be challenging yet fun like EoP but instead are design to consume resources in punishing fashion that requires a level of Masochism to push through, as you know that no amount of skill makes that content possible
    People used the same excuse for spamming the Act 1 Rev.
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