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  • Well done buddy! Awesome job :smiley:
  • Tbh it’s a right of passage to pull complete junk after a serious push can’t remember what I got just remember being traumatised lol Anyway well done! Awesome work buddy :smile:
  • Sorry forgot to say it was December 2020 that I did my run got the title in January 2021
  • I came in at around the 3hour mark didn’t set a timer as it’s a huge distraction I used 3 1 hour boosts 3rd one ran out just before the final fight but I started it a min or so early I came in 83rd place so 3:12 will be a big stretch but hey doesn’t mean you didn’t make it :-) my advice would be to forget all about it and…
  • I ran uc hence why I showed the uc points. I get that it’s got to be miss labelled but still to get 900 points less then it says you’ll get is a bit of a kick.
  • As soon as you claim rewards it pops up on screen asking you to select one after selection as soon as you try to click something else it’ll pop up again asking you to select the second one (if you made it to the milestone of two cats) to open the nexus 6* you got to get to the crystal screen which you can’t do until you…
  • Doom and awakened Gwenpool 2 easy solo’s Ghost went really defensive on 8% health spite got her to sp3. Gwenpool ate it, laughed it off and finished her off.
  • Went in blind to check out the champ and nodes came out with the solo and numb hands lol
  • It’s appears to be a timing issue on your part mate.. slowing it to a frame by frame.. You start dex here.. Stop moving here.. Immediately take hit in next frame.. Nick fight you start dex here.. Are still moving here.. Stop moving here.. Hope this helps
  • Almost gave it to Ant-man then remembered in important content I only got 3 slots doubt I’d give up unblockable specials or phasing all damage for extra attack so had to give it to my girl Jane (she needs the win)
  • Thanks for the reply anyway mate I’ll have to submit a ticket on or something.. rip to Ægon vs Things ramp up revives lol
  • Lmao.. See what you done now, while other people are using their lunch break to eat you got me being stupid lol.. Oh no OH No OH NO NO NO NO NO
  • So it happened on the Android on one ac but not the other.. Best thing to do is follow @HI_guys advice if it happens to you
  • This is how it’s meant to work.. You see how Clair has no buffs of her own but inflicted 3 damaging debuffs so gained 3 power gain buffs now she can do damage.. Designed to give players more options for the fight..
  • Just tested it.. Working for me with Clair (iPhone X) I’ll test it out on one of my android ac’s when I get a bit of time..
  • Does it count if I’ve thought about going back to explore clicked on it looked at it and then thought....., Nah.. XD I’ve done 7.1 100% it was so enjoyable the nodes was well thought out and it didn’t require that one specific champ you always seem to be chasing to get it done. I hope they carry on the rest of act 7 the…
  • ^This right here is a good answer^ So if you’re in doubt about your ability/roster to pass the higher ones keep playing tier 5 build uru but as others have said you need to play the higher ones to unlock the casket So keep a close eye on your feathers Make sure you save enough to do one run of the higher tiers (maybe save…
  • That’s a very good list there.. plus watch a video on yt info is easier to take in when you see it being done like evading his sp1 is easy when you get the timing right (start dash back just before his foot hits the floor dash back 3 times)
  • They mentioned it a few times it’s been moved
  • This is a complicated one.. Personally I think (think does not = fact) this is a bug.. If the wording was “100% resistant” then I’d agree 100% leaves 40% of the damage but the wording is “takes 100% less damage from poison effects” it doesn’t state depending on how powerful the poison is..
  • In-game mail said it’s still the same this month.. Have heard rumours that they are no longer changing it but I haven’t looked into it myself to give actual info..
  • Awesome job :-) Well done mate.. Looks like Caiw and grandmaster was engaged in some fancy ballroom dancing right there lol.. Tbh what I like most about Corvus is his awakened ability so can’t give you advice if you should rank or not personally I would save the gem but that’s me..
  • @DNA3000 I can agree with about 90% of that.. I'd never advise new players to go through with champs like that (unless they like punishment lol) I'm just using that ac to highlight the benefits of a 6* vs 5* to a progressing Cavalier player.. Yes 5*s are easier then a 6* to rank.. Yes 5*s are easier to awaken and sig up..…
  • @GroundedWisdom I already stated "this is my 6th ac" I get bored and start a new one to keep me entertained.. Underdog fights keep me going (example; When loads of players was complaining about the mephisto in boss rush way back I took him down with a r3 3* Rulk to show it could be done) Tbh you're living in the past buddy…
  • No i learnt along time ago unit man is too high maintenance to have around lol.. This is my 6th ac I wasn't going to keep playing it but I've had too much luck with the champs pulled got no choice but to carry it on now.. This ac has been reported countless times I hang around global in free time helping newer players as…