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  • If I were a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, which I'm not, but if I was...then I'd say this is awfully convenient timing just as the guides for EoP come out with Herc being the Section 1 MVP for most of it. But like I said..I'm not, but if I was...
  • Good to see that increasing the dupes ISO is on the menu. As it stands taking a 6* from R3/1 - R3/45 is something like 6.5 4* dupes using class ISO. So even using dual class crystals you need on average 13 4/5* to fully level up a 6*. I probably get a 4 or 5* every other day so it’s very much on the cusp of not being…
    dans ISOs Issue! Commentaire de Mauled 25 janv.
  • War rating virtually identical.
    dans 39 seasons later…. Commentaire de Mauled 21 janv.
  • Gratz quirky rank up I like it. To that dumb dumb…it’s a game, it’s also not your account so has literally zero impact on your life so go sit in a corner and think about your actions.
  • I got through fairly comfortably again this season, sitting around 16k prestige. There hasn’t been a huge amount of difference in terms of matchmaking for me - I’m usually the underdog, sometimes ludicrously so - but I am good at bg, M1 in S2 and C6 in S3 and currently C6 at the mo. VT matchmaking needs a real examination…
  • It’s a real dilemma 😂 my Mutant brotherhood is properly stacked. R4 Prof, R3 Omega, alternate avengers is going to be gross though for sure.
  • Do you think it’s more economical to do it that way then split it into an extra run?
  • At the moment no. When we get closer to bottom of top 90 I’ll rank up but right now there’s now real value to them being ranked up, at least the current relics.
  • 100% everything except a few paths of V1
  • I only do to EQ anyway. Might do Cav as well this time. I mainly play bg and I’m enjoying that
  • They’re alright, not game changing though. Give them and us 6 months and it’ll be a different story I think. We’ve got the basic ones at low rarities, low ranks and we’re still scratching the surface in how they’re used. I think that when there’s more along the Valkyrie vein and we have some maxed 4*/5* versions it’ll be a…
  • Not a clue, don’t have any above 4* R1, ask me in a month when the featured drops. I ban the Sorc Spidey consistently though
  • Sadly last time they changed the nodes everybody had a heart attack because they had to rank different champions. Sensing a theme here :/ almost like we have 190 invisible champs.
  • IBom would be my choice.
  • Different types of champion but I’d take Hulkling in 90% of cases over CGR unless I literally just need to zurg down ~200k health and walk off.
  • I believe it’s around 32
  • If they got rid of the green things they’d go from a 2 to an 8, to make them a drunk 8 right now you’d have to drink enough to drown a city.
    dans Feedback on 7* Design Commentaire de Mauled 12 janv.
  • I’m going to open myself up here but I quite like them. The extra combo can be used to do things like pause heavy charging with Scorpion and when you weave it into your gameplay it can give you a free combo which I quite enjoy. The uses of Relics will become more apparent as we understand them better and gain better access…
    dans i dislike relics a lot Commentaire de Mauled 11 janv.
  • This. Though I thought they were coming out concurrently
  • There's plenty of counters for NF now, even in this meta. You quit on 44s having put him into his second life. I'm going to assume you're about to eat an SP2/3 which is why you paused the fight. You could have comfortably finished that fight inside the time frame and you would have won that matchup even if you were in his…
  • No Infuriate and it's not on cool down either.
  • The good old days indeed. I made a new account last year to see how long it'd take to get Thronebreaker from scratch and inside 2 months I was Cavalier. With minimal logins since, that account has 2 6* R2 gems, 3 R5 5*. I think that there's a real imbalance in champion acquisition vs difficulty of the game; at least in its…
  • Ok so CGR is his first R4 from a different topic. Warlock or Scorpion would probably be my answer.
    dans 2nd R4?? Commentaire de Mauled 10 janv.
  • Without knowing your first R4 it's hard to say. If I had to choose any of these as a first R4 I'd probably choose between Warlock, Apoc and Scorpion.
    dans 2nd R4?? Commentaire de Mauled 10 janv.
  • Max sig he’s not an awful defender. I really hope they do him justice though.
    dans My Second R4 Is...... Commentaire de Mauled 9 janv.
  • You’re doing fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hit a brick wall at some point because you’re likely being carried a bit by your current roster - those 6* are all bangers that you don’t really need at this stage. When you do hit that wall you’ll have to start to concentrate on learning mechanics and dealing with specials…
  • Usually attackers as out of my 10 R4s, I have Mojo, Korg, Thing, Rintrah, IBom ans Warlock who are some of the best defensive options. Wiccan is always on the list, as is Omega Sent, Kitty, Tigra. It depends who’s ranked up though tbh.
  • Pleased for 85k points. With QS I have now completed the current featured pool with a month to go. I’ll think about awakenings later… Only mild downside is that I got a mystic R3 after buying a whole T5CC from bg store to take my Mojo from R2-4 for AW but I’ll take Wiccan up instead when I have more ISO.
    dans Any good Event Rewards! Commentaire de Mauled 6 janv.
  • Power burn will cause health loss. You’ll get power burned whenever there’s an armour up on the opponent. You give the opponent an armour up every 10 hits. If they have multiple armour ups you’ll take higher damage. The best ways to work around this is one of the following: - High DoT champions - AA, HT - Low hit heavy…