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  • I’m sat happy with a R3 Spidergwen and R5 SheHulk. I really enjoyed the challenge. I’d like the fight to stay in game afterwards even if you don’t get rewards for it after next week because it was a good test of skill.
    dans Summer of Pain Week 1 Commentaire de Mauled 20 juin
  • Doctor Doom, Symbiote Supreme destroys him. A 3* Longshot can do it in one sp2
  • Our alliance is like that. Ain’t no help in sight
  • Proxima
  • He doesn't really need the dupe, it gives opponents a stagger on a timer but that's not really necessary tbh. He's certainly not as good without MD as he is with it but you should strongly consider unlocking MD - I usually run 4 points in it - irrelevant of SS. If AoL isn't on your radar yet and you're still asking about…
  • Good luck! Unfortunately this is part of the learning curve. Act 4 is the first time that skill really makes a difference. Make sure that you can do the following, and if not, go back to 4.1 and explore it and just focus on an aspect of the gameplay until you've got it consistently: - Parry, rather than take a combo into…
  • Ultimately this is one of the things that come with the territory. On the one hand, these players have a large personal advantage in that they can test champions to their heart's content which ultimately will benefit their rank up decisions and resource management. The side benefit to this is that they're encouraged to…
  • They look awesome but where’s my T2A and T5B to use all of this up coming from?
    dans Summer of Pain Rewards! Commentaire de Mauled 16 juin
  • I don't find her impractical to use at all tbh. She's consistently been one of my better performers in high end content and if the fight is long enough to justify fully ramping her up the numbers she can put up are insane. At the end of the day, we're all happy to do a 100 hit fight to ramp up G2099 but Proxima only needs…
  • I play on iphone7, only really suffer in arena tbh. It does lag a bit though. I’m not dropping £500 or £40/week on a new phone until I have new blinds and a dishwasher though.
  • I only use a synergy if they’re very close together in my roster and it’s a synergy that makes a real difference. For example my 6* LC, Mephisto and Champion are all within 2 rows of each other so I usually run them together as it makes a difference but if I actually have to think about it, the additional 30 seconds…
  • If they got rid of the ridiculous nexus then I’d be happy. At P2 level a 5* nexus is worth the same as a regular 5* frankly. Outside of hunting featured champions I dare say the majority of us open dual class for either targeting ISO or that one missing champion that we’re after. I’d rather 3 dual class than a nexus any…
  • Cosmic is a weaker class overall so probably more chance of a buff IMO
  • So far about the only difficult thing this month is the passive heal block in 3.3 right when I turn suicides on. The Cavalier title is a requirement to unlock access to the quest, not giving you divine access to free rewards. The MEQ has always been more difficult than the title required to unlock it. None of the nodes are…
  • Yup got 70k shards so far
  • I would like daily crystals to be set up to be once per day rather than every 24 hours but the 4 hour crystals are fine as is IMO
  • I think your best bet is to do one of the 6* arenas and the 1-4*. Probably also worth getting to ~1m on the second 6* arena too as the early milestones are quite close together.
  • I’m very excited by the loot, but you’ve got to remember that you still aren’t going to have a fully formed T6B or T3A by the end of this event and even if you did you still wouldn’t be able to take anybody to R4 so I don’t think that it’s value is quite as great as people are stating. T5CC isn’t quite as valuable as it…
    dans Gauntlet unit worth? Commentaire de Mauled 2 juin
  • Ultimately, this is a game that you can compete in at the highest level for free. Sure, the likes of Brian Grant are in the minority but the players he's around haven't just bought their way there, they're also very good at the game, they just don't have to grind in the way that he does or carefully husband their resources…
  • This is speaking as someone who doesn’t spend on this game but do a bit on different games. Honestly, there’s been very little real value for money in terms of spending for the Sigil. There’s nothing that you can’t access for free. You’re paying £10/month for a few units and some crystal shard discounts - which you still…
  • I don’t have a problem with the minimum point part. I have a problem with the cost of revamping masteries each time you want to something. My ideal would be being able to set up masteries for each champion
  • I used Aegon it was an easy fight, quite a few paths are friendly enough. The energy adoption paths are good to ramp him up. Can’t remember the path I took and I’m in a quest at the mo
  • Colossus is a beast unawakened, Kamala is needed for Carina challenge if you’re mad. Cable is good with Apoc when you eventually get him. Ultron is getting a rework and Heimdall is a good champion to have at a decent power level
    dans My Insane 6* Commentaire de Mauled 26 mai
  • I have an R2 Longshot and he’s one of the most satisfying champions in the game. Resistor nodes and Cull are so fun. Bait an sp1 from Cull, drop your sp2 and just watch him melt.
  • KM has a lot more utility and you’ve got all the damage you need from CG
    dans KM vs Ronin Commentaire de Mauled 19 mai
  • Blade is still an excellent champion, sure the 100% AAR would be nice but it’s not needed. He has effectively got class advantage vs 30% of the champions in the game and one of the most useful awakened abilities in the game. The meta has shifted away from catch all champions as there’s more specific nodes and recent…
    dans BUFF BLADE Commentaire de Mauled 17 mai
  • I used to care when I had a lot of content left but I’ve taken a much more casual attitude of late. I set myself the goal of ranking up all of my 3* so I just autocomplete the T1/2 quests in the morning and by my lunch break I have energy enough to play properly if I so choose. Up to 55 maxed 3* now and ~20 at R2-3
  • Basic 5* perhaps, but as our resident whale has just said, it does reduce the incentive for crystals which is a huge source of revenue. I would say yes to basic 5* because they're not meta-defining anymore for the most part with a few exceptions and if they're 6 months behind the time curve then there's still a good chance…