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  • I agree @Pulyaman This "side quest" objective is very annoying. I don't feel like investing energy, possible revives for the latest objective. 50 enemies in 6.2 and above is too much...
  • There is an issue when trying to chose a defense tactic. You get a blackout screen over the game and nothing else happens. The other officers also have the same issue. I'm on iOS. MCOC 32.0.0
  • Exactly who I had in mind. Will try soon. Thanks!
  • Right now people are doing it again and getting 1 additional point. This is probably not intended. So Kabam will probably fix that.
  • There is a problem with the latest update where is removes the masteries. Be careful especially in INCURSIONS. Here's another post : https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/262926/incursions-is-broken-and-should-be-fixed-asap#latest
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  • Lost my incursion series before I understood what was going on. After deleting et reinstalling it was going better. But theres still some issues in war.
  • I completed 7.1 to 100% without spending much. It was so fun. And now I'm looking back at act 6, and I've barely done anything. I don't feel like doing it, but will most likely have to. Might just wait for 7.2 first and after start on my act 6.
  • @butter_ball20 the idea is good. But thats too much I think. The value would not make send to be given away. And I'm not asking for giveaway, I will buy the potion for the price.
  • I think if you have multiple, and can put 20 stones on him to start it would be great. Venom is one of those champs who is pretty useful in a lot of content. Variants, EQs and more. Plus he’s so fun to play, why wouldn't you want to give him his signature ability a plus.
  • This is how it looked before
  • @ccrider474 Ah That would make sens to prevent some abuse. It use to show up as an icon a few weeks ago. I wished the Kabam support had just explain it that way. Thanks!
  • Whats with Namor and Invisible Woman??
  • I dont know if he’s going to be useful for me. Pulled him as a 6 star. I dont use him. Can someone explain what he can do that is special? I know he hits hard but loses life so fast. Thanks
  • January's month EQ, X-MEN: PRODIGAL SON Still having problems with Omega Reds spores when active. The spores are not damaging according to the amount I have on the enemy. It skips a few seconds of damage it should give. Usually it is around 2k minimum. @"Kabam Zibiit" iOs 14.1 Game V. 29.2.0
  • You can use it on any champ from 2017 and bellow. I recommend using them on newer ones as you can get the 2016 from other variant. You wouldn't want to remove champs from the list of 2016 with a 2017 gem.
  • You can use it on any champ from 2017 and bellow. I recommend using them on newer ones as you can get the 2016 from other variant. You wouldn't want to remove champs from the list of 2016 with a 2017 gem.
  • I think everyone should give Kabam a second to answer or react as this is most likely a bug. Give it time.
  • I’m disappointed more and more with the coming of Thronebreaker title. Im stuck cavalier still but am so close to becoming TB. The difference on the rewards for the calendar is crazy. I feel like it will just make it harder for us « almost-tb » to catch up. I think cavalier should've at least got 2k of 6* or 10k of 5*?
  • Risking repeats, have anyone from Kabam responded clearly to the rules ? Multiple pass allowed? Or is it bugged? @"Kabam Miike" @"kabam boo"
  • That sucks, but give him a try in the new variant 5. Who knows, he might perform well.
  • Same! This is bad...
  • I 100% agree ! I wanted to make a post about this too. The Book 1 image is way too big. In my opinion, the monthly EQ should be first and then arena. Move the book 1 stuff away as it is not changing every month or week. Or maybe cut in half the book 1 and bring ARENA under or something. A change like this would be great…
  • Its also showing a failure on the bonus modifiers.
  • Has Kabam responded about this anywhere? We are getting an amazing calendar although... Its a question of time to get those nice free stuff
  • I agree too. While i do have a few good champs, I seem to lack the "luck" my team mates have been getting. Last 6* was Iron Man Classic and Gambit... But they are working on new crystals that should help raise the chances of getting better champs. We'll see.
  • @DoubleDelta Okay thanks. I will go read more.
  • Using the calculator, I can see pretty quickly that it cost more to run a map 6 compared to our previous donations. Running both maps doesn't work well with this system. Plus we start 665 and did not share the cost on it. Group 3 map5 just got in for free.
  • @DoubleDelta Everyone talks about getting tickets back, and did not see any about how much the cost will affect us. So yeah, I had to start one.
  • I don't get it either. Haven't received any yet, but some of my teammate have received between 8 to 100.
  • We need better rewards than this... With the prestige being so crucial, we need more sig stones. And where are the shards? This seems like much work for little reward. Loosing interest in this game more and more...